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632 Results
Did you mean? Nationl Geographic Kids
Space —Musgrave, Ruth A., 1960-

Introduces the wonders of Outer Space.

Just joking 4 : 300 hilarious jokes about everything, including tongue twisters, riddles, and more! —Pattison, Rosie Gowsell, author.

Presents a variety of jokes and facts, including knock-knocks, tongue twisters, riddles, and traditional question and answer jokes.

Space —Galat, Joan Marie, 1963- author.

"Ready to go on an out-of-this world adventure? Travel across the Milky Way and into new galaxies to explore every corner of space so YOU can become an absolute expert. Get up close to the sun and moon, asteroids and com...

Weird but true! Canada : 300 outrageous facts about the True North.

Collects three hundred facts about Canada's wildlife, cuisine, history, sports, and culture.

Surprising stories behind everyday stuff —Drimmer, Stephanie Warren, author.

Ever wonder how basketball got started? Why we have birthday cakes? And why some people use forks and some use chopsticks? Prepare to be amazed by the surprising backstories behind the things you use or do every day! Fro...

Rocks and minerals —Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner.

An introduction to rocks and minerals including how they are formed.

Animal zombies! : and other bloodsucking beasts, creepy creatures, and real-life monsters —Stiefel, Chana, 1968- author.

"Facts and information about parasites and other creatures of the animals world"-- Provided by publisher.

Tide pools —Marsh, Laura F.

Packed with beautiful and engaging photos, this new leveled reader will teach kids how tide pools work, what kinds of animals live in them, and even how to prepare for a tide pool visit of their own.

This book is cute! —Flynn, Sarah Wassner, author.

"Information about why certain people, animals and things are considered "cute" and the scientific background, for children"-- Provided by publisher.

Weird but true! 3 : 350 outrageous facts.

Offers a collection of true facts about animals, food, science, pop culture, outer space, geography, and weather.

Glowing animals —Davidson, Rose, 1989-

You know fireflies glow in the dark, but did you know there are many other animals that make their own light? Dive deep into the ocean, soar high in the sky, and explore the forest and desert floors to discover animals t...

Weird but true! Food : 300 bite-size facts about incredible edibles!

"A latest addition to the crazy popular Weird but true series serves up tons more zany fun, focused totally on the subject of food! Step up to the plate to get 100 percent new content, with 300 more of the amazing facts ...

Ducks —Szymanski, Jennifer.

"From fuzzy ducklings to graceful birds, waddle your way into this adorable early reader, all about ducks! Perfect for beginning and young readers, National Geographic Pre-readers include simple, expert-vetted text and ...

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