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139 Results
Mustang canyon —London, Jonathan, 1947-

A young mustang is separated from its mother when a plane sweeps over the canyon and the horses run from the noise.

Moonrise —Farley, Terri.

When a pack of vicious hunting dogs is found running loose on the range, Samantha is worried they might attack the Phantom Stallion's new foals. But the Phantom is busy protecting his herd from New Moon, a rival stallion...

Ford Mustang —Olson, Elsie (Children's author), author.

This title introduces the classic American muscle car, the Ford Mustang. Readers will learn about the Mustang's history, models, special features, technical specs, racing career, and prevalence in popular culture. Large ...

Mustangs : wild horses of the American West —Featherly, Jay.

Describes the habits and behavior of the wild horses which have roamed across the American West for hundreds of years.

Cool hand Hank —Eagle, Kathleen.

"Mustang Sally had nothing on her...Sally Drexler was always running. The proprietor of the Double D Ranch and wild mustang sanctuary had her hands full keeping health, heart, and horses on an even keel. And though she a...

Flicka : a friend for Katy —Franz, Jennifer.

Katy is determined to tame the wild horse she has seen running through her family's ranch even though her father does not want her to be near the dangerous animal.

Man and mustang —Ancona, George.

Describes the government program which maintains an ecological balance among wild mustangs by capturing, training, and offering for adoption selected animals.

Wild at heart : mustangs and the young people fighting to save them —Farley, Terri.

"Wild horses thrived for thousands of generations in the mountains, forests, and deserts of the American West. Their family herds existed in environmental harmony until man chose to "manage" them. Since then, every day m...

Wild Honey —Farley, Terri.

Samantha begins to treat the Phantom's lead mare in secret, but the mare matches the description of a missing mare from California. Is Sam helping a mustang, or has she accidentally stolen someone's horse?

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