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Horse crazy

Three fourth-graders take on a band of ruthless horse thieves in a quest to see who will be the first to capture a prized stallion.

Everything changes —Brooke, Lauren.

With Ty in the hospital, Amy is struggling to keep up with the chores and stay positive, when a wild mustang arrives at Heartland and she starts to doubt everything--including herself.

Fire horse —Siamon, Sharon.

Meg, Alison and Becky encounter a forest fire when they try to rescue two horses that are missing from the ranch.

The mustanger and the lady —Richards, Dusty, author.
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"Vince is a mustanger with a solitary camp high in the Hondo Mountains, where he works his operation alone. He likes it that way. Then, on a trip back from selling some mustangs, he comes across Julie, a saloon girl on t...

Wild horse, wild ride 100 days, 100 people, 100 mustangs

Each year, through the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge, 100 people across the country attempt to tame a wild mustang in 100 days. Following this dangerous and harrowing feat performed by everyday people from every wal...

The horse charmer —Farley, Terri.

Darby moves from Nevada to her grandfathers ranch in Hawaii. When Darby's filly arrives at the ranch in bad shape, her grandfather wonders if anyone will be able to ride the mustang again. Will Darby be able to gain the ...

Mustangs and wild horses —Stewart, Gail B. (Gail Barbara), 1949-

A brief history and description of the wild horses of the western United States.

Black cowboy, wild horses : a true story —Lester, Julius. 1939-2018

A black cowboy is so in tune with wild mustangs that they accept him into the herd, thus enabling him singlehandedly to take them to the corral.

Sea shadow —Farley, Terri.

When a tsunami leaves a herd of mustangs stranded on a dangerous hill top, it is up to Darby to help the lead mare, Medusa, save the herd.

The horse lover : a cowboy's quest to save the wild mustangs —Day, H. Alan.

Tells the author's personal history of the sanctuary's vast enterprise, with its surprises and pleasures and its plentiful dangers, frustrations, and heartbreak. This book weaves his recollections of his cowboying advent...

The shining stallion —Farley, Terri.

At her grandfathers horse ranch on Hawaii, Darby encounters a shadowy stallion prowling the ranch at night.

Wild Horse Annie : friend of the mustangs —Fern, Tracey E., author.

A picture book biography about activism, this is the story of Velma Johnston, a trailblazing woman who mobilized children in her crusade to save wild mustangs.

Mustang : wild spirit of the west —Henry, Marguerite, 1902-1997.

The author tells, from the point of view of Annie Johnston, the story of this Nevada woman and her fight to protect the American wild horse, the mustang, from extinction because of professional killers who chased the hor...

Fire maiden —Farley, Terri.

Darby is excited to go on a "volcano watch", camping out and observing the island's volcanoes. But when the volcanoes do erupt and a stream of lava leaves Darby and her horse Hoku stranded, Darby must do all she can to k...

Mustang, fifty years : celebrating America's only true pony car —Farr, Donald N.

"In the early 1960s, Lee Iacocca--then director of the Ford division at Ford Motor Company--convinced Henry Ford II to produce a sporty four-seat car aimed at the emerging youth market. That car, essentially a reconfigur...

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