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54 Results
Love me tonight

A Parisian tailor begins a whirlwind romance with a princess after pretending to be a member of the nobility himself.

Wicker Park

Matthew is a Chicago investment banker who puts his life and a business trip to China on hold when he thinks he sees Lisa, the love of his life who walked out on him without a word two years earlier. With some help from ...

Alfred Hitchcock, Disc 3

Rich and strange: Fredy and Emily, a young married couple, decide to take a cruise around the world after they come into a sizable inheritance. While on the cruise both Emily and Fredy become romantically involved with t...


An FBI agent chasing an elusive terrorist has plastic surgery to take on the appearance of the criminal as a means to catch him.

The goodtimeskid
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A comedy of errors is set in motion when a slacker enlists in the Army to escape his meaningless existence, but his call-to-service letter is sent to a loner living on a sailboat who has the same name.


Dean Cage is a former Special Ops agent. Now he is a marked man who becomes the victim of mistaken identity. Injected with a powerful hallucinogenic drug that is supposed to force him to tell secrets he doesn't have to g...

Life of crime Crimes et petits mensonges
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The wife of a corrupt real estate developer is kidnapped by two common criminals, who intend to extort him with inside information about his crooked business and off-shore accounts. But the husband decides he'd actually ...

The tall blond man with one black shoe

When an unsuspecting violinist, the tall blond man, is misidentified by the head of a spy network to his assistant as the target of their investigation and a superspy himself, a series of wacky misunderstandings and sill...


An innocent man is suspected of being a sex criminal known as the Necktie Murderer in modern-day London. He must elude the police until he can prove his innocence.

Twelfth night

In mythical Ilyria, Viola and her twin brother Sebastian are separated after a shipwreck. Disguised as a boy, Viola enters the service of Duke Orsino, who sends her off to woo the Countess Olivia on his behalf. Confusi...

A Cinderella Christmas

Angie has sole ownership of her family's event planning business in her sights, but when she stands in for her cousin Candace at the Christmas-querade masked Ball and wealthy bachelor Nicholas Carmichael takes notice, An...


Max Tyler is short on money, but he has a scheme. He fakes his death, claims the insurance and surgically alters his face to resemble his dead brothers' identity. Everything goes as plans, until he finds that his brother...

Oz the great and powerful
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A womanizing, con artist is blown off course in his balloon landing in a world where he is greeted as the prophesied wizard who will save the people of Oz, and three witches compete for his attention.

Just another love story

After Jonas unintentionally causes a car accident that leaves Julia crippled with amnesia, he's compelled to visit her in the hospital. But when Julia's family mistakes him for her old boyfriend Sebastian, Jonas readily ...

Splitting heirs

At a wild party during the '60's, baby Thomas Henry Butterfly Rainbow Peace is accidentally "misplaced" by his rich hippie mum and dad. When the wrong baby is claimed, the real heir winds up being raised by a poor Pakist...

The parent trap

When Hallie from California, and Annie from London, England, meet at summer camp they have absolutely nothing in common, except that they're identical twins. Now they are up to their freckles in schemes to reunite their ...

Soshite chichi ni naru = Like father, like son

Affluent architects Ryota and his wife Midori face a terrible dilemma when they learn that their six-year-old son, Keita, was accidentally switched at birth and is not their biological child. In the wake of this revelati...

Bean / Johnny English

Johnny English -- When the crown jewels are stolen, bumbling Johnny English is the only secret agent in the country who can solve the crime.

The absolutely ultimate Christmas

An assistant salesman with a traveling fair is mistaken by villagers for the dreaded inspector general.

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