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168 Results
Midas —Andrews, Russell.

After a series of suicide bombings in New York, police officer Justin Westwood discovers that the perpetrators did not have Middle Eastern ties and that some of the nation's most powerful figures are being targeted.

The global war on Morris —Israel, Steve.

Meet Morris Feldstein, a pharmaceutical salesman living and working in western Long Island who loves the Mets, loves his wife Rona, and loves things just the way they are. He doesnt́ enjoy the news; he doesnt́ like to ar...

Night fall —DeMille, Nelson.

On a Long Island beach at dusk, Bob Mitchell and Janet Whitney conduct their illicit love affair in front of a video camera, set to record each steamy moment. Suddenly a terrible explosion lights up the sky. Grabbing the...

The great Gatsby —Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940.

From his superb Long Island home, he entertained the glamorous and rich. But no one ever really knew who Gatsby was...

Reality check : a novel —Calonita, Jen.

When a television executive signs Long Island sixteen-year-old Charlie and her three best friends to be the stars of a new reality television show, their lives are suddenly not the same.

Brimstone —Preston, Douglas J.
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Behind the gates of a Hampton estate, FBI Special Agent Pendergast discovers the carnage of a gruesome crime. The smoldering remains of an infamous art critic, a melted cross branding his chest, are found in a locked, ba...

Where it hurts a novel —Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956- author.
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Gus Murphy thought he had the world all figured out. A retired Suffolk County cop, he had everything a man could want: a great marriage, two kids, a nice house, and the rest of his life ahead of him. But when tragedy str...

Putting on the dog a reigning cats & dogs mystery —Baxter, Cynthia.
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Substituting for a fellow veterinarian at a charity dog show in a posh Long Island seaside community, Jessica Popper unexpectedly confronts a mystery when a celebrity photographer becomes the victim of a falling ice scul...

The Great Gatsby —Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940.
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Tells the tragic love story of Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, a dashing, enigmatic millionaire obsessed with an elusive, spoiled young woman.

The great Gatsby —Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940, author.
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James Gatz, a self-educated nobody from North Dakota, amasses a fortune and adopts the persona of Jay Gatsby, an Oxford-educated man about town. His motive? To win back the heart of Daisy, the woman he loved in his youth...

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