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Snowden —Fitzgerald, Kieran, author.

From Oscar-winner Oliver Stone, Snowden is a riveting personal look at one of the most polarizing figures of the twenty-first century, the man responsible for what has been described as the most far-reaching security bre...

The burglary : the discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's secret FBI —Medsger, Betty.
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The never-before-told complete story of the history-changing break-in at the FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, by a group of unlikely activists -- quiet, ordinary, hardworking Americans -- that exposed the shocking trut...

The Snowden Reader

When Edward Snowden began leaking NSA documents in June 2013, his actions sparked impassioned debates about electronic surveillance, national security, and privacy in the digital age. The Snowden Reader looks at Snowdens...

Dark mirror Edward Snowden and the American Surveillance State —Gellman, Barton, 1960-
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"Edward Snowden chose three journalists to tell the stories in his Top Secret trove of NSA documents: Barton Gellman of The Washington Post, Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian and filmmaker Laura Poitras, all of whom would ...

Private Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, and the biggest exposure of official secrets in American history —Nicks, Denver.

Bradley Manning perpetrated the biggest breach of military security in American history. This intelligence analyst leaked an astounding amount of classified information to WikiLeaks: classified combat videos and hundreds...

No place to hide Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. surveillance state —Greenwald, Glenn, author.
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Glenn Greenwald, investigative reporter for The Guardian, provides an in-depth look into the NSA scandal that has triggered a vital debate over national security and information privacy. With further revelations from doc...

My glorious defeats : hacktivist, narcissist, anonymous. —Brown, Barrett.

Barrett Brown - journalist, hacktivist, troublemaker, spokesperson for Anonymous, legend in his own mind - went to prison for four years for leaking intelligence documents. He was released to Trump's America. This is his...

Julian Assange-- Wikileaks warrior for truth —Guichaoua, Valérie.

The authors present a complete portrait of Assange and WikiLeaks: how it works, the controversy surround it, and his trouble with the law.

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