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95 Results
Finding home

Amanda inherits a bed-and-breakfast after the death of her grandmother. The busy executive has every intention of selling it off, until she begins going through her grandmother's belongings. She then begins to question h...

Monarch of the glen. Series 5

Archie's half-brother Paul returns to Glenbogle and is enlisted into helping to run the estate. Although this brings him into conflict with Archie and Lexie, it also allows Archie to think about his role and the world be...

Monarch of the glen. Series 6

"The fortunes of the MacDonalds have always been up and down, but now Paul, Archie's brother, is newly installed as master of Glenbogle. Can this town come to terms with the new monarch?"--Container sleeve.

La mujer del vendaval

This is the story of Marcela, a young woman who is about to receive a large inheritance on the condition that she marry. She meets a worthy suitor named Alessandro, a wealthy heir in his own right. A valuable piece of je...

So this is New York

The film follows a rube, Henry Morgan, on a journey as he uses his recently obtained inheritance to take a trip to 1910's New York with his wife and sister-in-law. Along the way, he encounters numerous eccentric characte...


Jonathan suspects his wife is attempting to drive him over the edge in an effort to steal his fortune. He enlists the help of Devin to stay and confirm or deny his suspicions. Jonathan is forced to question the loyalty o...

Behind the face

Brutal murder of a successful businessman brings out the true identity of his friends and family. The question of, who is the murderer and whom will inherit all his fortune gets everyone involved in solving the case.

Arthur 2 on the rocks

When Arthur finally marries his sweetheart, it may not be 'happily ever after' because the father of the girl he didn't marry is out for revenge.

Chronicle of the raven

Jennifer travels to Buenos Aires to claim an inheritance. She is haunted by sounds coming from a locked attic and dreams of a raven pecking at her flesh. Convinced it is her grandmother's doing, she must fight to free he...

Little Lord Fauntleroy

After the death of Ceddie's English father, he and his mother live together in Brooklyn during the 1880s. Ceddie's grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt, had disowned Ceddie's father when he married an American. But when t...


Twenty-one-year-old Frank Cimballi embarks on a mission to find the men that embezzled his inheritance. He hires a private investigator to track down his father's former business associates and uncovers their devious pl...


When industrial magnate Antonio Lombardo dies in a car accident, he leaves his fortune to his son Alejandro. But Bruno, his jealous brother, plots to murder him and take his fortune. His scheme partially works and Alejan...

King Lear —Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.

Tragedy written 1605 and concerns the character Lear, his daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia, Lear's faithful servant Kent, and Edmund, the evil bastard son of Gloucester.

Picture mommy dead

After Edward Shelley's wealthy wife dies in a mysterious fire, he marries Francene, his daughter Susan's governess, who plots with Edward's cousin to drive Susan mad and kill Edward to collect the inheritance.

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