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289 Results
Bird Boy —Burgess, Matthew, author.

A new boy nicknamed Bird Boy by teasing classmates enjoys imaginative flights as various birds, gaining self-confidence and new friends.

The catawampus cat —Eaton, Jason Carter, author.

The Catawampus Cat walked into town one day at a slant, and since then everyone in town is seeing their world with fresh eyes.

Goodnight, you —Côté, Geneviève, 1964- author, illustrator.

As darkness falls, two very different friends explore what scares them ... and discover that with a bit of help, it's possible to see things in a new light.

The Hueys in the new sweater —Jeffers, Oliver.

"One Huey wears a new sweater to be different from the other identical Hueys, only to have them decide to be different too--by wearing sweaters"-- Provided by publisher.

Ten big toes and a prince's nose —Gow, Nancy.

A lovely princess with enormous feet and a charming prince with a huge nose meet on a ski lift and, while their flaws are hidden, fall in love.

Remarkably you —Miller, Pat Zietlow, author.

A cast of diverse children seize the day by helping others, taking on leadership roles, and expressing their personalities ... Kids need not be just one thing, the book suggests, demonstrating that one might be "a swimme...

Duddle Puck : the puddle duck —Wilson, Karma.

A very odd duck that refuses to quack shocks and flusters animals all over the farm with his clucking, honking, oinking, and neighing.

Frankie Stein —Schaefer, Lola M., 1950-

Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Stein love their son very much, but despite their best efforts and his, it seems he will never look or act as scary as a Stein should.

You're wearing that to school?! —Plourde, Lynn.

A cautious mouse named Tiny gives advice to his best friend, an exuberant hippopotamus named Penelope, on such things as what to wear and what to take for show-and-tell on the first day of school.

Brothers —McPhail, David, 1940- author, illustrator.

Although two brothers are different in many ways, they are alike, too--most importantly, in their love for each other.

Puzzled by pink —Hardy, Sarah Frances.

Izzy refuses to dress up as a fairy to attend her big sister Rose's birthday party, and instead brings her cat and other guests to the attic for a party featuring dried roses, spider webs, and nothing pink.

Marisol McDonald doesn't match —Brown, Monica, 1969- author.

Marisol McDonald, a biracial, nonconformist, soccer-playing pirate-princess with brown skin and red hair, celebrates her uniqueness.

Tutus aren't my style —Skeers, Linda.

When she receives a ballerina costume from her uncle, Emma, who does not know how to be a ballerina, gets a lot of advice from friends and family.

Froodle —Portis, Antoinette.

One day, amidst the usual chirps, tweets, and caws, a little brown bird decides to try singing a new song and sets off an interesting reaction.

Hurry up, Henry —Lanthier, Jennifer, author.

Henry's mother and father and sister are always telling him to hurry up, and his best friend, Simon, never slows down. Henry doesn't like to be late. But he doesn't want to hurry, either. He likes to take his time and of...

Friends stick together —Harrison, Hannah E., author, illustrator.

"When a loud-mouthed tickbird lands on Mortimer the rhino's nose and starts a symbiotic relationship, the reserved Mortimer is mortified, until he realizes they just might be the perfect pair"-- Provided by publisher.

Sister wish —Potter, Giselle, author, illustrator.

Illustrations and easy-to-read, rhyming text follow two sisters as they demonstrate some things they envy about each other, but agree that one big sister and one little one is best.

Awesomely Emma —Webb, Amy, 1977- author.

When she encounters problems that diminish her enjoyment of a class field trip to a local art museum, Emma calls on her inner sense of awesome to stand up for herself and teach her friend Charley how to feel comfortable ...

Once upon a time, upon a nest —Emmett, Jonathan.

Ruby, the last of Mother Duck's and Father Duck's eggs to hatch, is slower to develop than her four siblings, until the day that she flies further and higher than any of them.

Steve, raised by wolves —Chapman, Jared, author, illustrator.

When Steve, who was raised by wolves, goes to school for the first time, he must find a balance between getting along with others and being himself.

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