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569 Results
Raven's gate —Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-

Sent to live in a foster home in a remote Yorkshire village, Matt, a troubled fourteen-year-old English boy, uncovers an evil plot involving witchcraft and the site of an ancient stone circle.

I'm not Millie! —Pett, Mark, author.

Where's Millie?! Every time a new nighttime task pops up, there's an animal in her place! It's time for Millie to eat her green beans. But Millie's not here-- that's a hippo in her seat! Fine, if Millie won't eat her veg...

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Tris and Four are now fugitives on the run, hunted by Jeanine, the leader of the power-hungry Erudite elite. Racing against time, they must find out what Tris₂s family sacrificed their lives to protect, and why the Erud...

They all saw a cat —Wenzel, Brendan, author, illustrator.

In simple, rhythmic prose and stylized pictures, a cat walks through the world, and all the other creatures see and acknowledge the cat.

The dragonfly effect —Korman, Gordon, author.

"Is it a gift or is it a curse? Jax Opus can use his color-changing eyes to make people do what he wants. But soon Jax is pulled into a dangerous conspiracy devised by a mysterious group ... and now they're going to make...

Moonlight —Hawthorne, Rachel.

While working as a wilderness guide in the national forest where her parents were killed twelve years earlier, seventeen-year-old Kayla is powerfully drawn to Lucas, who she learns is her appointed guardian--and much mor...

The whipping boy —Fleischman, Sid, 1920-2010.

A bratty prince and his whipping boy have many adventures when they inadvertently trade places after becoming involved with dangerous outlaws.

Firefly —Dowding, Philippa, 1963- author.

Firefly lived in the park across from her mother's home. It was safer there. But after the bad night happens, and her baseball-bat-wielding mother is taken away, social services sends Firefly to live with her Aunt Gayle....

March of the Vanderpants —Cummings, Troy, author.

The Notebook of Doom is missing and Alexander and his fellow-monster hunters, Rip and Nikki, are convinced that the boss-monster has it; but is that monster the mysterious Principal Vanderpants, who is certainly behaving...

Escape from Castle Cant —Bath, K. P. (Kevin P.)

Having escaped from Castle Cant during the Chewing Gum Rebellion, Lucy and Pauline try to elude their pursuers and one of the girls discovers a surprising truth about her parentage.

Who will tell my brother? —Carvell, Marlene.

During his lonely crusade to remove offensive mascots from his high school, a Native American teenager learns more about his heritage, his ancestors, and his place in the world.

Lamplighter —Cornish, D. M. (David M.), 1972-

As Rosamund starts his life as a lamplighter on the Wormway, he continues his fight against monsters, making friends and enemies along the way, but questions about his origins continue to plague him. Includes glossary.

Dear girl —Rosenthal, Amy Krouse, author.

Dear Girl, is a celebration of girls everywhere. It teaches girls to be themselves, be generous and kind, and to dance like no one's watching. Told from the point of view of a girl's guardian, this book delves into the l...

Serafina and the twisted staff —Beatty, Robert, 1963- author.

In 1899, when an evil threatens all the humans and animals of the Blue Ridge Mountains, twelve-year-old Serafina, rat catcher for the Biltmore estate and the daughter of a shapeshifting mountain lion, must search deep in...

Let's talk about love —Kann, Claire, author.

In this young adult novel, Alice, afraid of explaining her asexuality, has given up on finding love until love finds her.

Chat room —Butcher, Kristin, 1951-

Linda joins her school's online chat group and starts receiving gifts from a secret admirer who she mistakenly believes is a person with the chat group nickname "Cyrano".

Still a gorilla! —Norman, Kim, author.

Willy the Gorilla imitates the other animals at the zoo, but despite pretending he remains always a gorilla.

The quest of the Fair Unknown —Morris, Gerald, 1963-

Having grown up in an isolated forest, Beaufils sets off for Camelot to find his father and winds up undertaking quests with Sirs Gawain and Galahad, visiting various hermits, and traveling to the fairy world.

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