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Red dog true blue
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When eleven year old Mick is shipped off to his grandfather's cattle station in the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia, he prepares himself for a life of dull hardship, but instead finds myth, adventure, and a fr...

Pom poko

From acclaimed director Isao Takahata. Celebrate the magic of the forest and the beauty of the creatures that live among us. An extraordinary tale of transformation and hope is told as the human world begins to encroach ...

Family 4 pack. Volume 3

IMPY'S ISLAND: Four talking animals, a penguin, a lizard, a bird and a sea elephant, belong to a school run by Professor Tiberton. They spot an egg floating on an iceberg. It hatches, and out pops a baby dinosaur called ...

Luna spirit of the whale

Luna, an orphaned whale becomes the center of a controversy in a small coastal town when a government official is sent to capture it and return it to its pod. The community bands together under the leadership of the loca...

White god

When young Lili is forced to give up her beloved dog Hagen, deemed 'unfit' by the State, she and the dog begin a dangerous journey back toward each other. The one-time house pet has learned much, not all good, in his jou...

King Kong

Carl Denham is a filmmaker and entrepreneur who leads an expedition to Skull Island. The island is a place where time has stood still. The natives pay homage to the one whom they revere as "Kong", and who is, indeed, kin...

Turner & Hooch

A compulsively neat detective's tidy world goes to the dogs when he is forced to team up with a drooling slob of a junkyard dog named Hooch.

Escape from the planet of the apes

Cornelius, Zira and Dr. Milo, three apes from the future, escape from their planet as it is being destroyed and land on 20th century Earth where they are taken to the Los Angeles Zoo for examination. When Zira reveals th...

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A young boy named Sosuke rescues a goldfish named Ponyo, and they embark on a fantastic journey of friendship before Ponyo's father forces her to return to the sea. Ponyo's desire to be human upsets the balance of nature...

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Military dog Max returns from service in Afghanistan, traumatized by his handler's death. He's adopted by the man's family and helps the grieving family heal.

The adventures of Greyfriars Bobby

A big story with a small hero. Bobby, a small, friendly terrier, befriends Ewan, a young boy. The adventures they share change their lives and the city they live in forever.

Dark blood

A father waiting to be sentenced for a revenge crime against the person who murdered his child and experiencing abuse by guards and other prisoners finds consolation and affection in the prison dog.

Puppy love

Animal-lover Amber desperately wants a dog to love. When she falls for Shadow, she takes on her family and city hall to fight for her new best friend in a race against the clock.

The animal

A bumbling police file clerk is surgically altered with animal by-products and becomes superhuman.

King Kong
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Carl Denham is a filmmaker and entrepreneur who leads an expedition to Skull Island. The island is a place where time has stood still. The natives pay homage to the one whom they revere as "Kong", and who is, indeed, kin...

The black stallion

This remarkable adaptation of Walter Farley's classic childrens' novel by Carroll Ballard (Fly Away Home), in which an American boy is rescued after a shipwreck off the coast of North Africa by a seemingly untamable wild...

Family outdoor adventures. Last great ride ; Little heroes

The Last Great Ride: Ian worries that his summer vacation at Grandma's will be totally lame, even with his spirited dog Bentley with him.

The colt
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In 1864, the First Michigan Cavalry is stranded in a Virginia forest, when a colt is born to a beloved mare. When the horses are stolen, one of troopers, Jim, chases them and gets lost. Honoring the Confederate Reb's las...

Where the red fern grows
DVD] ; The Proud Rebel ; Seven Alone
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Where the red fern grows (2003, 97 min.): Billy Coleman, a boy growing up in the Ozarks of Oklahoma, is desperate for his own hunting dogs. He scrimps and saves to make his dream a reality and his investment pays off whe...

Call of the wild the complete series

The thrilling exploits of Miles Challenger and his loyal canine companion Buck are followed as together they battle nature's toughest elements, stand up against hardened criminals, and rescue people in danger.

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