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272 Results
The F team —Carter, Anne, 1953-

With figure skates on their feet and determination in their hearts, Fanny and her friends set out to practice hockey until they shine.

Murder at hockey camp —MacGregor, Roy, 1948-

The Screech Owls are in the heart of cottage country to spend a week at summer hockey camp, but find themselves in the middle of a real-life murder case when the camp owner is found dead in the boathouse.

Bridge 6 —McGugan, Jim, 1948-

A weekly hockey game is the scene of an escalating power struggle between a young girl's two older brothers. Afraid her family is coming apart, she cleverly thinks of a way for everyone to win.

Interference —Schultz Nicholson, Lorna.

Josh has fnally made it to an elite hockey team and is determined to play as well as his older brother, Matt. But Josh is so tired and sluggish at practice--and so thirsty and hungry all the time--he worries he'll be cut...

Brady Brady and the runaway goalie —Shaw, Mary, 1965-

Brady and the rest of the hockey team convince their goalie just how much they need him in the game, helping him to learn self-confidence.

Roughing —Schultz Nicholson, Lorna.

At an elite summer hockey camp Josh is rooming with an aboriginal player from the Northwest Territories. Josh is having trouble controlling his diabetes and faces a dilemma when he finds out his friends are going to play...

Terror in Florida —MacGregor, Roy, 1948-

The Screech Owls head to a tournament in Florida, and in the process they uncover a terrorism plot.

Rebel glory —Brouwer, Sigmund, 1959-

Seventeen-year-old hockey star B.T. McPhee needs to figure out why his team is suddenly being victimized by a series of mysterious accidents which threaten their chances to win the playoffs.

Puckster plays the hockey mascots —Schultz Nicholson, Lorna.

In Puckster Plays the Hockey Mascots, Puckster and his pals realize the dream of being on the ice with their hockey heroes - the Toronto Maple Leafs mascot Carlton the bear and the Montreal Canadiens mascot Youppi. These...

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