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The U.P. trail : and The call of the canyon —Grey, Zane, 1872-1939, author.

The U.P. Trail: "In The U.P. Trail, a railroad man and a cowboy rescue a young woman left for dead in an Indian attack. The engineer, Warren Neale, and Allie Lee swiftly fall in love and are as swiftly parted when the me...

Lost wagon train —Grey, Zane, 1872-1939.
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We are back in the legendary days of the West; no law beyond the Missouri. Stephen Latch, a young Southerner, broken in the Civil War, turns brigand and unites forces with a savage chief of the Kiowas. A great pioneer tr...

Betty Zane and To the last man —Grey, Zane, 1872-1939.

Betty Zane: Ohio: The American Frontier, 1782 : In the last battle of the American Revolution, British forces besiege Fort Henry. With the defenders running out of food and ammunition, sixteen-year-old Betty Zane volunte...

Arizona Ames. —Grey, Zane, 1872-1939.

Arizona Ames is a bad man, quick as lightning with a six-shooter and with many notches in his gun. He believes in justice and enforces it even beyond the reach of the law.

Shower of gold a western story —Grey, Zane, 1872-1939.
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When young Richard Gale arrives in the Arizona border town of Casita, he finds himself surrounded by Mexican and American troops, bandits and renegades--and makes an enemy of Rojas, a vicious Mexican bandit leader.

The spirit of the border ; The last trail —Grey, Zane, 1872-1939.

"The spirit of the border: He was known as Deathwind to the Ohio Valley Indians, and now Lewis Wetzel must single-handedly save Fort Henry. Armed only with his long rifle and knife, he heads out on a one-man rampage to s...

Union Pacific a western story —Grey, Zane, 1872-1939.
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Zane Grey's first historical western, now restored to his handwritten manuscript, is the story of the building of the Union Pacific Railroad across the plains and through the mountains and deserts to meet up with the Sou...

The last of the plainsmen —Grey, Zane, 1872-1939, author.

Fictionalized biography of Colonel Charles Jesse Jones ("Buffalo Jones"), 1844-1919, a frontiersman and wild game hunter. Jones, the last of the plainsmen, and several associates venture into the region of Buckskin Mount...

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