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416 Results
Adventures of Dally & Spanky

Inspired by the true animal friendship of a Jack Russell Terrier and a rescued miniature horse, the story of Dally & Spanky's bond has captivated audiences. This sensational duo has generated millions of video views and ...

Death rides a chestnut mare —Compton, Ralph, author.
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Waylaid by a pack of murdering outlaws, Daniel Strange's lifeless body is left dangling at the end of a rope. Now, a mysterious gunslinger is on the vengeance trail, packing Strange's trademark twin Colts, and answering ...

Sing them home —Kallos, Stephanie.

When their father suddenly dies, three grown siblings come home and revisit the childhood tragedy that has become the centre of their lives.

All the beautiful lies : a novel —Swanson, Peter, 1968- author.

Harry Ackerson has always considered his stepmother Alice to be sexy and beautiful, in an 'otherworldly' way. She has always been kind and attentive, if a little aloof in the last few years. Days before his college gradu...

The list —Whitlow, Robert, 1954-

The power residing in the List is not a force for good, but of unimaginable evil.

Cat Ballou

Marvin plays a dual role as a whiskey-soaked over-the-hill gunslinger, and the vicious killer he is hired to eliminate. Fonda is the young outlaw who hires him in this western spoof.

Wit's end —Fowler, Karen Joy.
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After her father's death from cancer, a young woman sets out in search of the truth about his murky past.

Honeysuckle season —Taylor, Mary Ellen, 1961- author.
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"Adrift in the wake of her father's death, a failed marriage and multiple miscarriages, Libby McKenzie feels truly alone. Though her new life as a wedding photographer provides a semblance of purpose, it's also a distrac...

Porcupine —Tilly, Meg.

After their father is killed in Afghanistan, Jack and her younger siblings end up on a run-down farm on the Prairies, living with a great-grandmother that never knew they existed.

The tragedy of Dane Riley : a novel —Spears, Kat, author.

"A teen confronts his feelings about his father's death, his new family, and the girl next door in this emotional young adult novel from critically-acclaimed author Kat Spears. Dane Riley's grasp on reality is slipping, ...

Erotic stories for Punjabi widows —Jaswal, Balli Kaur, author.
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Nikki lives in West London, where she tends bar at the local pub. The daughter of Indian immigrants, she's spent most of her twenty-odd years distancing herself from the traditional Sikh community, preferring a more inde...

Skull Mesa a western story —Overholser, Wayne D., 1906-1996.
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"When Marshal Clay Roland receives a letter from a lawyer in Painted Rock, a distant town in the shadow of Skull Mesa, informing him that his father has died, leaving him the Bar C Ranch, he resigns and heads home. He qu...

A heart's obsession —Coble, Colleen, author.
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When Sarah Montgomery's father succumbs to his long illness, Sarah is faced with a life-altering choice : submit to her brother's will and marry the deceptive Ben Croftner, or escape through the dangerous American West t...

The ghost tree —Erskine, Barbara, author.

Before you follow the path into your family's history, beware of the secrets you may find. Ruth has returned to Edinburgh after many years of exile. Left rootless by the death of her estranged father, she is faced with t...

The Sweeney sisters a novel —Dolan, Lian, author.
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"Maggie, Eliza, and Tricia Sweeney grew up as a happy threesome in the idyllic seaside town of Southport, Connecticut. But their mother's death from cancer fifteen years ago tarnished their golden-hued memories, and the ...

The vigilance man —Sadler, Fenton, author.
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For twelve-year-old Brent Cutler, seeing his father lynched was the most powerful influence on his young life, giving him an abiding and lifelong hatred of injustice in any form. As an adult, he returns to the town where...

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