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490 Results
Gifts —Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929-2018

When a young man in the Uplands blinds himself rather than use his gift of "unmaking"--a violent talent shared by members of his family--he upsets the precarious balance of power among rival, feuding families, each of wh...

A stroke of midnight : a novel —Hamilton, Laurell K.

Meredith Gentry, P.I. is also Princess Meredith, heir to the darkest throne of Faerie, possessed with extraordinary powers. But at what price does magic come? To sit on a throne that has ruled through centuries of bloods...

A lick of frost : a novel —Hamilton, Laurell K.

Half-human, half-faerie Meredith-Gentry must try to become pregnant in order to be crowned queen. Her royal guards are sworn to protect her and make love to her, but trouble arises when King Taranis accuses three of her ...

To light a candle —Lackey, Mercedes.

Knight-Mage Kellen becomes a member of the Elves' war councils and fears for the safety of his Wild Magic-wielding sister, while proud Elf Knight Jermayan continues his efforts to become the first Elven Mage.

Straken —Brooks, Terry.

A young boy must attempt a mission from which he may never return and an army must face a killing machine against which it has no defense. Sequel to "Tanequil" and conclusion to the Druid trilogy.

Amber and ashes —Weis, Margaret.

Chemosh, the God of Death, has ambitious plans to become the ruler of the Pantheon of Evil, plans that may go awry when he finds himself falling in love with a mortal woman.

Transcendence —Salvatore, R. A., 1959-

Determined to free her homeland, ranger Brynn Dharlelle begins a quest to earn her sword, unite the elves with their long-lost dark-elf cousins, and destroy a powerful and brutal tyrant.

Noir fatale

Noir Fatale an anthology containing the full spectrum of noir fiction, each incorporating the compelling femme fatale character archetype. From straightforward hardboiled detective story to dark urban fantasy to the dirt...

Up in a heaval —Anthony, Piers.

Continues the story of the duelling demons begun in "Swell foop". Anthony's colourful characters once again strive against overwhelming odds to save Xanth from the latest influx of bizarre disasters and malevolent monste...


A collection of stories inspired by classic fairy tales, but with a dark and sinister twist.

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