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233 Results
The Moor's account —Lalami, Laila, 1968-

Inspired by a true story, tells how Moroccan slave Estebanico barely survives his expedition to become the New World's first explorer of African descent, dealing with storms, disease, and hostile natives.

Escape room
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When a group of strangers are given black boxes with tickets to an escape room with a chance to win money, they discover that the room has more extreme conditions than expected, and must fight for survival.

Garrett's trail to justice —Bowers, Terrell L.
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Dayton Garrett is a roving trouble-shooter, taking on jobs from town-taming to bringing down a counterfeiting ring. Charged with searching for a missing child, he fetches up in Shilo, where his attorney brother Knute pro...

Wolf's curse —Armstrong, Kelley, author.

"For Kate and Logan Danvers, sixteen-year-old twins of the werewolf Alpha, nothing could ruin a summer faster than the words 'supernatural teen leadership conference.' They expected a boring week of earnest political dis...

Mirror Lake —Michaud, Andrée A., 1957- author.

"Retired fifty-something Robert Moreau flees a society he can no longer bear for Mirror Lake, Maine. Little does he suspect that an intrusive neighbour and a mysterious death will quickly dispel any illusions he may have...

Prison break event series

Although he was buried seven years ago, pictures from a Yemen prison reveal that Michael Scofield may still be alive. Determined to rescue his brother, Lincoln enlists C-Note's help. Meanwhile, Michael's wife Sara has re...

A small town : a novel —Perry, Thomas, 1947- author.

"Twelve conspirators meticulously plan to throw open all the gates to the prison that contains them, so that more than a thousand convicts may escape and pour into the nearby small town. The newly freed prisoners rape, m...


After busting out of jail and on the run, 2 bank robbers devise the perfect crime with imperfect partners. Not wanting to hurt anyone during their robberies, they go to the homes of bank personnel and end up staying the ...

Last shot —Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew.

With the life of his young nephew hanging in the balance, Walker, dishonored Recon Marine, begins a bloody investigation that propels him through the dark underworld of a big pharmaceutical company and its cutting-edge t...

The killing shot —Boggs, Johnny D., author.
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Deputy U.S. Marshal Reilly McGilvern is hauling criminals to Yuma when his prison wagon is attacked. Three guards die in a hail of gunfire and McGilvern is left locked inside to die. When another outlaw gang comes upon t...

Highland conqueror —Howell, Hannah, author.

"Lady Jolene Gerard is running out of time--each moment she remains within the walls of Drumwich Castle she is in jeopardy. Her only chance lies with a prisoner chained to the dungeon walls, a Scotsman who, in return for...


Remembrance depicts a remarkable love story that blossomed amidst the terror of a German concentration camp in 1944 Poland. This impossible passion fuels the courage of a Polish prisoner who manages to rescue his Jewish ...

Seven days to die —Johnstone, J.

Once he was a young, happily married businessman. Then he lost his wife to human madness and that young man was gone, replaced by the Loner, the wandering son of legendary gunfighter Frank Morgan, and now the current occ...


While Korea is occupied by the Japanese Army in 1933, the resistance plans to kill the Japanese Commander. But their plan is threatened by a traitor within their group and also the enemies' forces are hunting them down.

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