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Did you know? Earth —Dennie, Devin, author.

Shares wide-ranging facts about the Earth using a question and answers format, covering such topics as the atmosphere, landforms, oceans, weather, and natural resources.

Earth —Murray, Julie, 1969-

This book introduces young readers to important information, like what Earth is made out of, and what makes it able to support life. This is a Level 3 title and is written specifically for transitional readers. Aligned t...

Planet Earth : infographics for discovering our world —Piroddi, Chiara, author.

Kids can travel the world and discover Earth's secrets with this guide that features cool infographics, colorful illustrations, and scientific data. It zooms right in, with 16 different plates that illuminate everything ...

Curious questions and answers about-- our planet —De la Bédoyère, Camilla, author.

Earth is full of countless wonders. This high-interest volume takes a fun approach to answering some of the many questions that young creative thinkers have about our planet. Thought-provoking questions are paired with e...

Every day on Earth : fun facts that happen every 24 hours —Murrie, Steve

A whole day is plenty of time to finish your homework or go to the park, but did you ever imagine that in a single day you take around 8,000 steps; 100,000 of your taste buds are replaced; a bat eats up to 1,000 insects;...

Extreme Earth —Claybourne, Anna.

Climb the highest mountains, explore cavernous caves and dive down to the ocean depths! The spectacular natural features of our planet are explored in detail through one hundred facts, fantastic images and fun cartoons. ...

Extreme planet —Butterfield, Moira, 1960- author.

"Discover amazing facts about Earth! Have you ever wondered how big the tallest wave ever was? How long it would take to walk the Amazon River? What an avalanche sounds like? Find out all this and more in this fascinatin...

Does it really rain frogs? : questions and answers about planet Earth —Canavan, Thomas.

"Answers common questions young readers have about weather, space, and other phenomena of planet Earth"-- Provided by publisher.

Record-breaking Earth & space facts —Richards, Jon, 1970- author.

"This series combines the fun of infographics with the appeal of top ten lists."-- Provided by publisher.

The science behind wonders of the Earth : cave crystals, balancing rocks, and snow donuts —Leavitt, Amie Jane, author.

"Scientific explanations of natural phenomena on Earth"-- Provided by publisher.

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