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29 Results
Eye see you

A brutal seral killer is targeting cops, and detective Malloy is on the trail. But now the killer is making it personal, and his dedication becomes a twisted emotional nightmare. Time is running out, and so are the optio...

Against the ropes

Inspired by the life of female boxing promoter Jackie Kallen, tells the story of how she struggled to survive in a sport dominated by men, and the fictional account of how she tries to turn a street thug into a prizefigh...

Random hearts: Hanover Street.

Random hearts: An internal affairs sergeant and a Congresswoman become entangled in a shocking mystery and an unexpected romance after their spouses are killed in a plane crash together.


The inspiring story of a group of dancers, singers, musicians, and actors at the New York City High School of Performing Arts, and their spirited drive to live out their dreams of stardom. In an incredibly competitive at...


Focuses on a group of talented teenagers that go to a high school for the performing arts.

Nick of time

No sooner does accountant Gene Watson arrive at L.A.'s Union Station with his six-year-old daughter than he's plunged into a nightmare. Two shadowy strangers separate Watson from his little girl, slap a gun into his hand...

Bad ass
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Shunned by society for nearly forty years, Vietnam War veteran Frank Vega becomes an instant celebrity when he thwarts a hate crime on a city bus and footage of the incident goes viral on the Internet. But when his best ...


A young man learns the importance of kindness when he tries to live among the homeless in the subway system of New York City.

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