41 Results
41 Results
Nancy Drew, girl detective. #20, High school musical mystery, part one —Petrucha, Stefan.
Graphic Novel
10 available of 12 items

"Nancy and pals Bess and George meet Louise and Jean Dana on a trip to the town of Penfield, where they visit the Starhurst School for Girls. Once students hear that Nancy has arrived, a contest is developed to see who c...

Nancy Drew, girl detective. #7, The charmed bracelet —Petrucha, Stefan.
Graphic Novel
14 available of 15 items

Nancy searches for a top secret computer chip stolen from Rackham Industries, is puzzled by a crime themed charm bracelet she receives in the mail and wonders if she's the cause of her boyfriend's recent shoplifting.

Nancy Drew, girl detective. #8, Global warning —Petrucha, Stefan.
Graphic Novel
16 available of 16 items

A billionaire environmentalist has constructed Bio-domes that could help save the earth. When mythical creatures are spotted after one of the domes is destroyed, Nancy Drew decides to investigate. Will Nancy Drew be able...

Nancy Drew, girl detective. #4, The girl who wasn't there —Petrucha, Stefan.
Graphic Novel
10 available of 11 items

After receiving a call for help from her new friend Kalpana, Nancy travels to India to try and help her.

Nancy Drew, girl detective. #10, The disoriented express —Petrucha, Stefan.
Graphic Novel
18 available of 18 items

Nancy must protect a high efficiency engine from evil forces as it is transported across country by train to millionaire Ralph Credo's research facility.

Nancy Drew, girl detective. #13, Doggone town —Petrucha, Stefan.
Graphic Novel
21 available of 21 items

When Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson attempt to return a lost dog named "Togo" to its owner in the small town of Nevershare, they stumble onto a much bigger mystery--where did all the people go? The entire population of Nev...

Nancy Drew, girl detective. #17, Night of the living chatchke —Petrucha, Stefan.
Graphic Novel
11 available of 13 items

Nancy Drew uncovers a shocking mystery in Istanbul, Turkey when an ugly statue purchased by her father starts to go bump and "pop" in the night.

Nancy Drew. The palace of wisdom —Thompson, Kelly, 1976- author.
Graphic Novel
5 available of 6 items

Vampire slayer. Part two —Petrucha, Stefan.
Graphic Novel
2 available of 2 items

Mr. Cheeters is missing —Petrucha, Stefan.
Graphic Novel
1 available of 1 items

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