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127 Results

In high school, everyone needs the occasional 'do-over.' That's where the Minutemen come in. Three seniors have found a portal back in time and they have united to use their powers to save fellow students from those emba...

The suite life on deck. Anchors away!

Zack and Cody join London on the S.S. Tipton and enroll in Seven Seas High School.

Gravity Falls. Six strange tales

Join twelve year-old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines as they explore the oddest spot on the map.

Hey, where's Perry? —Green, John (John Patrick)
Graphic Novel
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"Thrill as Perry the platypus faces his most dangerous nemesis yet, the rouge rabbit known only as Dennis!"--p.[4] of cover..

Case of the Kate haters —Banim, Lisa, 1960-

Lizzie searches for the person who is out to get Kate--her ex-best friend who has suddenly fallen from snobby cheer queen to laughingstock.

Totally crushed! —Thorpe, Kiki.

Larry Tudgman is really sweet and smart and crazy about Lizzie McGuire. When he asks her out Lizzie automatically says no because Larry is also the biggest geek in school. Lizzie does feel bad about it. She is torn bec...

High school musical Bella dancerella dance studio

"Join Bella and friends to learn the moves from your favorite High School Musical songs: Get'cha head in the game, What I've been looking for, and We're all in this together"--Container insert.

Cory in the House. Newt & improved edition

Now that Cory and his dad are settled into life in the White House, Cory is cooking up even zanier schemes with his friends Newt and Meena. Cory and Meena come up with a clever plan to help Newt in the 'romance departmen...

Sweet revenge —King, M. C.

In part one, Miley and her friend are in last place on the Cool List and Miley seeks revenge against her rival who put her there. In part two, Miley deals with a bully.

It's ancient history! —O'Ryan, Ellie.

After seeing a museum exhibit about ancient Greece, Phineas and Ferb decide to challenge Buford Van Stomm to a chariot race.

Little Einsteins. Incredible shrinking adventure

When the Big and Small Machine breaks, the team shrinks down to miniature size. The Little Einsteins must go on a mission to find the missing piece so they can fix the machine and become big again.

Keeping secrets —Beechwood, Beth.

Miley Stewart, a regular girl by day and superstar by night, struggles to conceal her pop star identity from her friend Oliver.

That's so suite life of Hannah Montana

A crossover event begins when Raven checks into the swanky Tipton Hotel while on a business trip with her designer boss. Zack and Cody get into the action when the models for Raven's photoshoot take a detour, and Raven h...

G'day, Sydney! —King, M. C.

When Miley jets to Australia for the next stop on Hannah Montana's world tour, she finds that everyone thinks Hannah is feuding with Gemma, an Aussie teen star. Before she knows it, Miley has to get ready for a boomerang...

The Cheetah Girls

Meet the Cheetah Girls, four New York teens facing the challenges of growing up as they sing and dance their way toward that elusive record deal. As the girls are gearing up to rehearse for the school talent competition,...

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