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51 Results
Boss for a week —Handy, Libby, 1941-

A little girl fantasizes about what the rules would be for each day if she were boss for a week.

Someday is not a day of the week —Brennan-Nelson, Denise.

When asking to go on various outings, Max always receives the answer "Someday" from adults, but with a little help from the days of the week, he discovers where "Someday" lives.

Seven spunky monkeys —Koller, Jackie French.

One by one, seven monkeys who go out to have a good time wind up falling in love over the course of a week.

My week —Schiller, Melissa.

Over the course of a week, a little girl builds a house out of cardboard and then has a tea party in it with her father.

On Monday when it rained —Kachenmeister, Cherryl, author.

A young boy describes, in text and photographs of his facial expressions, the different emotions he feels each day for a week.

Day by day a week goes round —Shields, Carol Diggory.

Describes the particular activities which people typically carry out during each day of the week.

Harry's hats —Tompert, Ann.

A young boy has fun doing different activities depending on the hat he is wearing each day of the week.

Busy Monday morning —Domanska, Janina.

A farm child has a very busy week helping his father with the hay-making.

Happy birthday to you! —Richmond, Marianne.

"Bouncy text and whimsical watercolor paintings offer the reader numerous options for honoring his or her big day -- from eating chocolate cake for breakfast to throwing a marvelous party! Tucked within the pages, too, ...

Mr Wolf's week —Hawkins, Colin.

Learn the days of the week with Mr. Wolf as he dresses up for the weather and sets off each day on another adventure.

Lentil soup —Lasker, Joe.

The farmer's wife cooks seven different lentil soups on seven different days before she discovers her mother-in-law's secret ingredient.

貝貝的每一天 Beibei de mei yi tian —Gutman, Anne. —Gutman, Anne.

Xiao mi hu Beibei, jin nian san sui, shi yi zhi lan se de xiao wu wei xiong . xing qi yi, Beibei chuan zhu tuo xie, jiu yao qu shang xue.... xing qi san, ta na le le se dai zhuang dian xin qu yuan zu.... yi ? huan you sh...

Grover's bad, awful day —Dickson, Anna H.

Mommy comforts Grover after he has a bad, awful day.

Cookie's week —Ward, Cindy.

Cookie the cat gets into a different kind of mischief every day of the week.

Wait for the weekend —Lee, Ruby.

When the weekend arrives there will be a lot of fun activities to do!

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