275 Results
275 Results
Franklin and Otter's visit —Bourgeois, Paulette.

When Otter comes to visit after moving to her new home, she and Franklin find out that they have both grown up a little and find new ways to still be friends.

Franklin's pumpkin —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin is thrilled when he finds a giant pumpkin in his backyard, until he discovers that the competition at this year's fair is for the biggest zucchini.

Franklin and friends. Pirate Island

Franklin and Bear find a treasure map and ask their fathers to help them search for the treasure. Though everyone thinks they should turn back, Franklin urges them forward, finally finding the treasure.

Franklin's picnic —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin is dismayed to discover that his Woodland friends don't like flies, his favourite picnic lunch.

Franklin and friends. Franklin's Earth Day

Franklin is overly excited to lead the Nature Nuts in an Earth Day clean-up. As his team dwindles to one - himself - he realizes that his overzealousness isn't accomplishing anything.

Franklin and friends. Fishing trip

Franklin decides to share his fort with Harriet and make some family memories of his own after witnessing his dad and Aunt T sharing fond childhood memories on a family fishing trip.

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