275 Results
275 Results
Franklin's birthday party —Jennings, Sharon.

"Franklin wants to have the best birthday party ever. But the theme park is expensive and he is only allowed to bring two friends. How will Franklin ever choose" Cf. Our choice, 2002.

Franklin and the magic show —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin puts on a magic show for his friends, but finds that his disappearing trick doesn't work. His father teaches him some easy tricks, so his next magic show is a success.

Franklin's trading cards —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin must decide who to give his Super Cat trading card to when two friends want it for their collection.

Franklin and Otter's visit —Bourgeois, Paulette.

When Otter comes to visit after moving to her new home, she and Franklin find out that they have both grown up a little and find new ways to still be friends.

Franklin's library book —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin searches everywhere for his lost library book.

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