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55 Results
Henry and Ribsy —Cleary, Beverly.

Henry Huggins makes a deal with his father--if Henry can keep his dog Ribsy out of trouble for a month, he can go fishing with his father. Ribsy does his best to make Henry lose the deal.

The cats of Roxville Station —George, Jean Craighead, 1919-

Thrown into a river by a cruel human, a young tiger-striped cat fights to survive amid feral cats and other creatures near Roxville train station, aided by Mike, an eleven-year-old foster boy who is not allowed to have a...

A pony in trouble —Betancourt, Jeanne.

Pam's father is a veterinarian, so she is used to being around sick animals. But when her own pony gets sick, Pam needs her Pony Pals more than ever. The girls try to figure out what is making the pony sick. Will Lighten...

Blaze and the lost quarry —Anderson, C. W. (Clarence William), 1891-1971.

When Billy and his pony Blaze find an abandoned quarry, and more than they could have imagined.

Good-bye pony —Betancourt, Jeanne.

Ms. Wiggins asks the Pony Pals to take care of her old pony while she is away. Anna loves Winston and is happy to watch over the sweet pony.

Mes amis les chevaux, 27. Mission galop! —Thalmann, Sophie, 1976- Originator or author.

"Deux élèves du centre équestre s'apprêtent à passer leur Galop 2 avec Zéphyr et Féline. Mais cette dernière est très stressée à l'approche de l'épreuve. Pour la rassurer, Moustique lui confie son ruban porte...

Give me back my pony —Betancourt, Jeanne.

Lulu knows that Snow White belongs to Rema. When Rema comes home from boarding school, Snow White will be Rema's pony. But Rema is mean and treats Snow White badly.

Blaze finds the trail —Anderson, C. W. (Clarence William), 1891-1971.

When Billy and his pony Blaze loose the trail and have to find a safe way home again.

Can I keep him? —Kellogg, Steven.

Mother objects to every pet Arnold asks to keep except one--a person.

Irish Red —Kjelgaard, Jim, 1910-1959.

A heartwarming story about a young boy Danny and his dog Mike and their suvival in the wilderness against a fierce snowstorm and a ferocius puma.

Caillou et Gilbert —Sanschagrin, Joceline, 1950-

Tous sont occupš. Caillou dčide de s'amuser avec Gilbert le chat. Il le promn̈e, lui raconte des histoires, le dǧuise, etc. Maman lui fait comprendre que Gilbert est un chat et que les chats aiment les jeux de chats, ...

Cheetah —Lewis, Wendy A., 1966-

Despite Mia's longing to have a pet, she must learn that wild animals, even frogs, belong in the wild.

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