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The hurricane heist
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As a massive hurricane builds, criminals infiltrate a U.S. Mint facility. Their plan: to steal 600 million dollars and escape using a Category Five hurricane as cover. But a treasury agent and a storm chaser have a plan ...

The hard easy

Although Paul Weston and Roger Hargitay don't know each other, they have the same problem. They both owe a lot of money, have no conceivable way to pay it back and the clock is ticking. When each gets the opportunity to ...


After an elaborate jewelry heist, a rival gangsters attempt to get the loot through murder, kidnapping, and torture.

Big trouble

A fraud scheme could just be the way an insurance broker will send his three sons to Yale-- that is, if everything goes right.

Ocean's twelve

Ocean's Twelve reintroduces Ocean and his perfectly trained team of con men. Dividing forces to hit Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome, the heist-meisters move beyond casinos to tackle new objectives, one of which involves steal...

Stealing summers

Two twenty-something Americans spending a summer in Buenos Aires meet a beautiful American girl who reveals a stash of illicit money hidden at her Argentine boyfriend's apartment. Dreaming of freedom and never having to ...

Dumb luck

After a blind date with the wrong woman, divorced accountant Stephen Hitchcock suddenly finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy involving a computer-tampering scheme to steal 29 million dollars. Now he's being chased...

Ladrones Thieves

Crime has never been this much fun! After a ruthless businesswoman steals land deeds from a community of Mexican families, two former thieves come out of retirement to steal them back. With a ragtag team that includes a ...

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A group of friends in San Francisco decide to burgle a pawn shop while the owner is away.

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Siblings Addison and Liza are on the run from a casino heist gone wrong. They split up and make a run for the Canadian border in blizzard conditions, vowing to reunite in Canada. Addison heads cross-country, creating may...

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