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630 Results
All the Devil's men

Follow a team of hardened military operatives on a relentless manhunt through the backstreets of London in this explosive action-thriller. A battle-scarred mercenary in the War of terror is forced to go on an overseas mi...

Star wars. Dark disciple —Golden, Christie, author.

The Jedi Council pairs brash Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos with infamous one-time Sith acolyte Asajj Ventress to target and kill the man responsible for so many war atrocities, Count Dooku himself.

Hostage pursuit —Night, Jenna, author.

"Bounty hunter Daisy Lopez is closing in on two bail-jumping mob hitmen when they kidnap her mother and demand she stop the hunt. But with fellow bounty hunter Martin Silverdeer at her side, she intensifies her efforts i...

The hunt for Iron Eyes —Black, Rory, author.
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Iron Eyes is pursuing ruthless outlaws Joe Hyams and Buster Jones. But the pair get the drop on him, and leave him for dead in the dust... Meanwhile, another man is on the bounty hunter's trail - gunfighter Wolfe, sworn ...

The good, the bad and the ugly

The inimitable "Man with no name" teams with two gunslingers to pursue a fortune in stolen gold, but they soon discover their greatest challenge is to stay alive.

From the vineyards of hell —Thorn, Harry Jay, author.
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When Texan and ex-lawman, Captain Joshua Beaufort, is captured by Union troops during the Civil War, he is given a choice - help to end the war on their terms, or spend the rest of it in a prisoner-of-war camp. Persuaded...

Notorious nineteen : a Stephanie Plum novel —Evanovich, Janet.

Tracking down a con man who has disappeared from the hospital after an emergency appendectomy, Stephanie Plum calls on Joe Morelli for help when a second felon goes missing from the same hospital.

Hunting the Colton fugitive —Thompson, Colleen.

"Capturing Ace Colton is the solution to bounty hunter Sierra Madden's troubles. The bounty will pay off the vicious loan shark whose goons are after her. Too cynical to buy Ace's protestations of innocence, Sierra tamps...

Trouble hunter a western story —Grove, Fred.
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"Walt Durand is on his way to Red Cloud to meet his best friend, Larry Cramer, when his horse is shot out from under him. Because there is no ground cover, he has no alternative but to hide behind the body of his dead ho...

A dangerous man —Johnstone, William W.
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Texan "Wild Bill" Longley has gunned down a dozen of his town's men in cold blood, ready to take over the job of sheriff. With his heart set on a beautiful young woman, he takes the whole town hostage until she agrees t...

Top secret twenty-one —Evanovich, Janet.
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"Trenton, New Jersey's favorite used car dealer, Jimmy Poletti, was caught selling a lot more than used cars out of his dealerships. Now he's out on bail and has missed his date in court--and bounty hunter Stephanie Plum...

The shadow of Iron Eyes —Black, Rory.
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He'd been blinded by an accident, but the infamous bounty hunter Iron Eyes roamed south. He was led instinctively to the scene of an arson attack and brutal murder at a small cattle ranch. But in his attempts to learn mo...

The retrieval

1864: As war ravages the nation, on the outskirts of the Civil War, it is business as usual for slave-owners and traders. Will is a fatherless thirteen-year-old boy who survives by working with a white bounty hunter gang...

Dark matter. Season 3

"Caught up in the explosion of EOS-7, the crew of the Raza is separated and desperate to take back the Blink Drive. To get back what's theirs, they'll have to destroy the man who was once their friend--Ryo Ishida, aka Fo...

Burning daylight —Johnstone, William W.
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"Luke Jensen has seen some sorry looking bounties in his time, but this one takes the cake. A wanted poster is offering a reward of one dollar and forty-two cents-plus one busted harmonica-to capture Three-Fingered Jack ...

Plum lovin' —Evanovich, Janet.

While searching for a relationship expert who is wanted for armed robbery and assault, Stephanie Plum must act as a matchmaker for some of her toughest clients.

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