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722 Results
I totally don't want to play : featuring Hugo, Bella, and Cressida! —Bonwill, Ann.

Hugo Hippo feels left out when Bella Bird wants to play in the park with her new friend Cressida Croc.

Drop it, Rocket! —Hills, Tad.

"Rocket loves to collect words for his word tree with his teacher, the little yellow bird. Watch as the pup finds new words like leaf, hat, star, boot, and many more"-- Provided by publisher.

Fly away home —Bunting, Eve, 1928-

A homeless boy who lives in an airport with his father, moving from terminal to terminal and trying not to be noticed, is given hope when he sees a trapped bird find its freedom.

Alvin's new friend —Forte, Lauren, author.

When the Chipmunks find a baby bird that's fallen from its nest, Alvin and the bird create an unlikely friendship.

Little Einsteins. Rocket's Firebird rescue

Leo, Quincy, Annie, June and Rocket travel to Russia to help save Rocket's new friend, Firebird! Firebird is a mysterious bird who sprinkles magic everywhere she flies. This magic brings beauty and music to the world. Bu...

My beautiful birds —Del Rizzo, Suzanne, author, illustrator.

A gentle yet moving story of refugees of the Syrian civil war, My Beautiful Birds illuminates the ongoing crisis as it affects its children. It shows the reality of the refugee camps, where people attempt to pick up thei...

Hello, Crow! —Savage, Candace, 1949- author.

"Franny has a new friend - a crow who brings her presents in its beak. Franny's dad doesn't believe her. How will Franny prove her new playmate is real? And what will the crafty crow bring next?"--From jacket flap.

How Rocket learned to read —Hills, Tad.

A little yellow bird teaches Rocket the dog how to read by first introducing him to the "wondrous, mighty, gorgeous alphabet."

Wordy Birdy meets Mr. Cougarpants —Sauer, Tammi, author.

"When Wordy Birdy and her friends go on a camping trip, they get an unexpected visit from Mr. Cougarpants. Can Wordy Birdy talk herself out of a becoming dinner?"-- Provided by publisher.

Lard Vader's villains —Amos, Ruth.

"Meet Lard Vader and the Empire pigs as they try to take control of the galaxy."--P. [4] of cover.

Whose chick are you? —Tafuri, Nancy.

Goose, Duck, Hen, Bird, and the little chick itself cannot tell to whom a new hatchling belongs, but its mother knows.

Karate Kakapo —Cunti, Loredana, 1968-

Kakapo is crazy about karate. She has mastered all the karate kicks, except for the flying kick. After all, kakapos can't fly. When it's time for her to perform a flying kick, will Kakapo soar to new heights?

The riddle of the robin —Tripp, Valerie, 1951-

"A robin has moved into the garden, thrilling the WellieWishers with its pretty songs. When the girls bring it presents, they learn what robins like to eat. (Hint: It's sort of like spaghetti!) Then one day, the robin di...

Poison frog assault —Patton, Jack.

The battle bugs face assault in three dimensions: lizards in front of them, birds above, poison frogs below. Will Max's daring plan be approved, let alone successful?

Feathers —Cummings, Phil, author.

"The sandpiper stretched its wings in the chilling breeze. It knew it was time to leave...so it took flight. Beautifully illustrated, this is a deceptively simple story of a sandpiper's migration journey. Over vast and v...

A surprise visitor —Green, Poppy, author.

"Sophie Mouse gets a surprise visitor when a little bird lands in her yard and hurts his wing"-- Provided by publisher.

Hurry! Hurry! Have you heard? —Melmed, Laura Krauss.

A small bird, her heart filled with love, hurries from her perch above the manger to spread the news to creatures of the field and forest that a child, to whom all are precious, has been born.

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