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What's new pussycat?

Michael is a mademoiselle magnet. His demented psychiatrist and sex-starved friend would kill for this problem, but his would-be fiance might just kill him. Undergoing therapy, Michael tries to reform, but it won't be ea...

Crimes and misdemeanors

Weaving together several different stories about people's lives, loves, perceptions, and ideals, this examines some of the toughest questions surrounding human nature.

The purple rose of Cairo

Cecilia is a poor waitress in a dumpy New Jersey diner who goes to movies to escape the realities of the Depression Era life. Her favorite is "The purple rose of Cairo." When the leading man Tom Baxter decides to be with...


While inside of a magician's magic cabinet, aspiring journalist Sondra Pransky is visited by the ghost of a dead reporter who has received a very hot tip in the afterlife. He tells Sondra about a rising young politician ...

Fading gigolo

Murray talks his friend Fioravante into becoming a gigolo as a way of making some much-needed cash after an out-of-the-blue request from his dermatologist. With Murray acting as Fioravante's 'manager,' the duo quickly fi...


Comedy about a rich and spoiled New York housewife in a bad marriage. She dreams of having an affair with a musician she met at her children's school! An acupuncturist she visits in Chinatown gives her mysterious potions...

Whatever works a new comedy

Boris Yellnikoff is a lifelong New York resident who attempts to impress his ideologies of religion, relationships, and the randomness of existence onto anyone who will listen. But when he begrudgingly allows Melodie St....

Shadows and fog

Recruited by an inept mob of vigilantes, Kleinman, a cowardly clerk, is forced to search for a notorious murderer -- only to stumble upon Irmy, a sword-swallower running away from the circus and her clownish boyfriend. D...

Fading gigolo
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Murray talks his friend Fioravante into becoming a gigolo as a way of making some much needed cash after an out-of-the-blue request from his dermatologist. With Murray acting as Fioravante's 'manager,' the duo quickly fi...

Bullets over Broadway

One of Woody Allen's best films of the '90s, Bullets over Broadway stars John Cusack as a virtual Woody surrogate, a neurotic, Jazz Age writer whose new play sounds wooden and unrealistic to a low-level mobster (Chazz Pa...

Melinda and Melinda

The complex story of Melinda, a woman whose life is told from both a tragic and a comic perspective. Both stories involve the same woman who crashes a Manhattan dinner party, but with wildly different results.

Another woman

When a distinguished philosophy professor turns 50, she feels compelled to take emotional stock of her life. But the deeper she digs the more her life seems to unravel, until she realizes that her search for truth is a p...

Fresh air with Terry Gross just for laughs.
Book On CD
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A collection of 18 comedy stars interviewed from the National Public Radio program Fresh air, hosted by Terry Gross.

Hollywood couples. Disc four a revealing look at Hollywood's most famous couples!.

A romantic set of hour-long profiles spotlighting the personal lives and amazing careers of 25 legendary Hollywood twosomes, from Gable & Lombard to more contemporary heartthrobs such as Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman.

Irrational man
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Philosophy professor Abe Lucas is at rock bottom emotionally, unable to find any meaning or joy in life. He feels that everything he's tried to do from political activism to teaching hasn't made any difference. Abe gets ...

Kaye Ballard the show goes on!

From big bands to Broadway, radio to recordings and television to the big screen, Kaye Ballard did it all in a career that spanned eight decades. Millions knew her best from her comedic TV roles on The Mothers-In-Law and...

"Play it again, Sam"

Allen stars as a fanatical movie buff who has trouble with the ladies. The only woman he can be himself with is his best friend's wife.

Match point

Former tennis pro Chris Wilton stumbles into good fortune when Chloe Hewett, the daughter of a wealthy businessman and the sister of one of his tennis students, falls in love with him. But when Chris meets Nola, a much d...

A midsummer night's sex comedy

Three loving couples meet in a quiet country get-together, but everyone seems to be loving the wrong person.

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