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Tropic thunder
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A group of actors set out to make a war film and unknowingly end up in an actual war zone, where they believe the drug lords they come across are extras in the film.


Critically acclaimed director Viktor Taransky has discovered the perfect actress. She is beautiful, talented, and virtually perfect in every way ... She is Simone, a digitally constructed, computer generated actress.

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An actress has inexplicably gone mute; a young nurse cares for her in a remote island cottage. While isolated together there, the women perform a mysterious spiritual and emotional transference that would prove to be one...


Feisty B-list actress Marigold Lexton is stranded and broke in Goa, India after financing flops on her low-budget film. She lands a role in a musical to pay her way home and, eager to prove herself, seeks famed choreogra...

Episodes. The complete second season

When a British husband-and-wife writing team gets the opportunity to bring their successful TV series across the pond, they soon discover that making it big in America means changing nearly everything about the show. As ...

A midwinter's tale

To be or not to be? To act or not to act? The questions are the same to Joe, a struggling (jobless) actor whose every sinew and synapse cries out to perform and to soften the blow of not landing a part in a mega budget s...


Dramatizes the life of Linda Lovelace, star of the 1970s pornographic film "Deep throat" and later an activist protesting violence against women.

Emma Peeters

A 35-year-old woman thinks it might be time to end her life. As she makes her preparations, she meets Alex, an employee at a funeral parlor.

Road to nowhere illusion is the first of all pleasures

There's a murky tenuous balance between reality and fiction. A passionate filmmaker, creating a film based upon a true crime, casts an unknown mysterious young woman bearing a disturbing resemblance to the femme fatale i...

The humbling
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Over-the-hill stage actor Simon Axler struggles to find his passion for life again. Near his breaking point, he finds motivation in the form of a young and lustful lesbian Pegeen Stapleford, but as their relationship hea...

My wife is a superstar

An actress and her photographer husband, who must keep their marriage a secret when she is hired for a major film, find themselves in a difficult situation when he is hired by a tabloid to expose her private life.

The hero
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A former Western icon re-evaluates his life, his image and more importantly his heart after a surprise diagnosis.


Successful actress Leigh Parrish (Amanda Crew) ventures back to her small hometown to confront Maurice (Kim Coates), her shady former employer, and learns that she can never outrun her past no matter how hard she tries.

I am yours

Single mom, Mina, a Pakistani ex-pat in Norway, is determined to be an actress, although she routinely fails auditions and the rest of her life is crumbling. When she meets a dashing director who may change her life, it ...

Entourage. Season 1

Eric, Turtle, and Johnny Drama are dedicated to helping their film-star buddy, Vincent Chase, navigate the absurdities and pitfalls of modern-day Hollywood.

He's way more famous than you

When an aspiring actress loses her support system in one fell swoop, she sets out with a stolen script, her brother, and his boyfriend to make a movie.

Notting Hill Erin Brockovich.

A famous actress falls in love with a quiet bookstore owner; a mother trying to support her children finds work with an attorney and comes across a major case against a large corporation.

The Canyons

Manipulative and scheming young movie producer Christian makes films to keep his trust fund intact, while his actress girlfriend and bored plaything, Tara, hides a passionate affair with an actor from her past. When Chri...

45 minutes from Broadway

When a heartbroken actress and her 'civilian' sister return to their theatrical family's crumbling home for very different reasons, secrets are exposed, rivalries are rekindled, and love as rare as a blue bullfrog begins...

Danielle Steel's daddy

Advertising executive Oliver Wendell Watson's world collapses when his wife leaves home to return to college -- and his three children blame him for the split. Hoping to give them all a fresh start, Oliver accepts a pro...

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