25 Results
25 Results
Courage mountain Heidi's new adventure

A teenaged Heidi (Juliette Caton) leaves Switzerland to attend school in Italy. Things go wrong from the start. The other girls make fun of her country ways, then the school is seized by the army. Due to a misunderstandi...

The amazing panda adventure

Ten-year-old Ryan Tyler is unexpectedly separated from his father in China's Himalayan Highlands. With the help of a Chinese girl, he tries to bring to safety a baby panda that he has taken away from heartless poachers.

The voyages of young Doctor Dolittle

John Dolittle loves animals just like his uncle, Doctor Dolittle. When John is warned that animals are in danger, he jumps into his uncle's submarine to help. When he arrives at Dolittle Island, he learns that it has bee...

White Fang. 2, Myth of the white wolf

Continuing story of White Fang and his master who face ruthless miners that want to steal a Native American tribe's land.

Tommy Tricker and the stamp traveller

Tommy Tricker steals a valuable stamp and takes his friend on a whirlwind adventure around the world-- all on the face of stamps.

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