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39 Results
Kid Coach —Justus, Rob, 1981- author, illustrator.

After turning his couch-potato father into a wrestling champion, Kid Coach discovers that he left out the most important lesson--the importance of being a good sport.

SumoKitty —Biedrzycki, David, author, illustrator.

A hungry cat gets a job hunting mice at a sumo training center (heya), but once the mice are gone he continues to stuff himself until he is too fat to chase the mice that have returned--so he decides to train with the su...

Cover blown! —Montijo, Rhode, author, illustrator.

When Gabby and her family visit her uncle in Cobel, Mexico, she learns about her Aztec roots, and faces students from the wrestling school of her uncle's rival.

Ninõ wrestles the world —Morales, Yuyi.

Lucha Libre champion Ninõ has no trouble fending off monstrous opponents, but when his little sisters awaken from their naps, he is in for a no-holds-barred wrestling match that will truly test his skills.

Pro Wrestling's greatest wars —Ross, Dan.

Describes some of the more well-known feuds between various professional wrestlers from the 1960s to the end of the twentieth century.

Monster truck Mater —Berrios, Frank.

Mater tells a tall tale about how he used to wrestle monster trucks, in a book with 3-D graphics.

The Berenstain Bears and the love match —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005.

Big Brother helps Milton Chubb, a huge new cub, deal with the school bully and make friends with Bertha Broom, but then Milton and Bertha must meet in a match for a spot on the school's wrestling team.

St. Michael's scales —Connelly, Neil O.

Keegan Flannery, feeling responsible for his twin brother's death and his mother's mental illness, believes he must atone by committing suicide before his sixteenth birthday, but he gains new insights when he joins his s...

Take me to your loser —Kowitt, Holly.

Danny Shine is just trying to avoid wrestling Bruiser Pekarsky in gym -- that's why he goes to the info session about running for class president. Even when he's forced to put his name on the ballot, Danny isn't worried....

Thumbelina, wrestling champ : a graphic novel —Rayo, Alberto, author.
Graphic Novel
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Tania, called "Thumbelina" because she is really tiny, has worked very hard to be a wrestling champion in the Junior Indie League, and now she and her friend Jorge, "Mouse," are being offered a chance at the pros, appear...

My father, the angel of death. —Villareal, Ray.

Seventh-grader Jesse Baron not only misses his father, a popular professional wrestler who is often on the road, he faces simple family outings that turn into fan-frenzy events, teachers who contrive excuses for parent-t...

Bump —Wallace, Matt, 1982-

"MJ knows what it means to hurt. Bruises from gymnastics heal, but big hurts, like her dad not being around anymore, don't go away. Now her mom needs to work two jobs, and MJ doesn't have friends at school to lean on. Th...

There's a girl in my hammerlock —Spinelli, Jerry.

Thirteen-year-old Maisie joins her school's formerly all-male wrestling team and tries to last through the season, despite opposition from other students, her best friend, and her own teammates.

Rudas : Nino's horrendous hermanitas —Morales, Yuyi, author.

Niño's little sisters get in on the wrestling action.

¡Vamos! Let's go eat —Raúl the Third, 1976- author, illustrator.

Little Lobo, a Mexican American, and Bernabé, his dog, gather tacos, frutas picadas, cuernos, and more and deliver them to los luchadores preparing for Lucha Libre 5000.

Help! I'm trapped in a professional wrestler's body —Strasser, Todd.

After they switched bodies with the lunch ladies, Jake and Andy swore they wouldn't use Mr. Dirksen's body-switching machine again, but Jake really wants to know what its like to be a professional wrestler. At Wrestle In...

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