61 Results
61 Results
Ten grouchy groundhogs —Heling, Kathryn.
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Groundhog's dilemma —Remenar, Kristen, author.
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Groundhog wants to please all the animals, but half of them want spring to come quickly and the other half do not--and all of them think he controls the seasons, so what is a poor groundhog to do on Groundhog Day?

Double trouble Groundhog Day —Roberts, Bethany.
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When Grampie Groundhog decides to retire from forecasting the weather, he has twins Greta and Gregory draw straws to see who will take over the important job, but the winner is so nervous the two put aside their squabbli...

Groundhog weather school : fun facts about weather and groundhogs —Holub, Joan, author.
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When Groundhog realizes he needs helpers all over the country to accurately forecast the weather, he establishes a school to teach young groundhogs how to properly determine when spring will arrive.

A garden for a groundhog —Balian, Lorna.
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Mr. O'Leary appreciates his groundhog's help in predicting the weather on Groundhog Day but tries to come up with a plan to keep him from eating all the vegetables in his garden.

Groundhog gets a say —Swallow, Pamela Curtis, author.
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Two groundhogs describe their various characteristics to a skeptical squirrel and crow. Text includes various facts about groundhogs.

Substitute groundhog —Miller, Pat, 1951 May 28-
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Too sick to perform his once-a-year job, Groundhog interviews other animals to come out of his hole on Groundhog Day.

Groundhog's day off —Pearlman, Robb, author.
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Tired of being asked only about the weather, a sensitive groundhog decides to take a vacation right before the big day in February.

Go to sleep, Groundhog —Cox, Judy. 1954-
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When Groundhog is unable to sleep, he experiences autumn and winter holidays he never knew about, and then he finally falls asleep before Groundhog Day.

Mr. Groundhog wants the day off —Vojta, Pat Stemper.
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Mr. Groundhog is disappointed when his animal friends refuse to take his place on Groundhog Day, but they help him to have fun forecasting the weather.

Piggy party —Lewis, Beverly, 1949-
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Carly Hunter tests the class guinea pig's weather predicting skills on Groundhog Day.

Groundhog's runaway shadow —Biedrzycki, David, author, illustrator.
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Little Phil Groundhog and his shadow do everything together, but when they grow up the more adventurous shadow wants to travel, so he leaves--but neither is happy, so Phil goes searching for his friend.

Brownie Groundhog and the February fox —Blackaby, Susan.
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Brownie the groundhog encounters a fox while waiting for winter to be over, and through clever maneuvering--and tasty snacks--the two become friends.

The secret of the first one up —Hiskey, Iris.
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After a long winter's sleep, a young groundhog named Lila wakes up before anyone else in her family, goes outside, and learns about her important role in predicting the arrival of spring. Includes information on the Amer...

Punxsutawney Phyllis —Hill, Susanna Leonard.
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Although she can predict the weather much better than the boys in her family, no one thinks that Phyllis the groundhog has a chance of replacing the aging Punxsutawney Phil when Groundhog Day's official groundhog retires...

Gretchen Groundhog, it's your day! —Levine, Abby.
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When she has to take over the job of appearing in Piccadilly on Groundhog Day to look for her shadow, Gretchen Groundhog is worried and nervous and threatens not to come out.

How Groundhog's garden grew —Cherry, Lynne.
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Squirrel teaches Little Groundhog how to plant and tend a vegetable garden.

It's groundhog day! —Kroll, Steven.
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Worried that an early spring will ruin his ski lodge business, Roland Raccoon takes drastic steps to prevent Godfrey Groundhog from looking for his shawdow on Groundhog Day.

Geoffrey Groundhog predicts the weather —Koscielniak, Bruce.
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When Geoffrey Groundhog pops out of his hole to predict the weather, he is blinded by television cameras and lights and is unable to see if he has a shadow. No one in town knows how to proceed, so Geoffrey needs help fa...

Gregory's shadow —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978.
9 available of 9 items

Gregory Groundhog and his shadow desperately look for each other after they become separated from one another just before their annual appearance on Groundhog Day.

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