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9 Results
The general's daughter

When the daughter of a well-known and well-respected base commander is raped and murdered, an undercover detective is summoned to look into the matter and finds a slew of cover-ups at Fort MacCallum.

Courage under fire

"When Lt. Colonel Nathaniel Serling is asked to review the posthumous candidacy of the first woman to receive a Medal of Honor, he finds himself plunged into an apparent cover-up surrounding the actions that led to her d...

Sound of the sky

In a lonely corner of the world, on the edge of No Man's Land, sits Clocktower Fortress. It's home to the 1121st platoon of the Helvetian Army, and their newest member is a 15-year-old volunteer named Kanata Sorami, who ...

迎春閣之風波 Ying chun ge zhi feng bo = The fate of Lee Khan

When Lee Khan, an official working for Mongolian Emperor Yuan of the Yuan Dynasty procures the battle map of the Chinese rebel army, Chinese resistance fighters, aided by an undercover girl-gang within Khan's ranks, stri...

Skirts ahoy!

Three women with 'man trouble' decide to enlist in the navy as WAVE officers. At training camp, they experience a series of romantic misadventures.

Private Benjamin

A wealthy Jewish widow gets talked into joining the Army by a smooth talking recruiter, where she has to grow up fast.

Warrior queen

The story of Boudica, queen of ancient Britain when it was a Roman province. Outraged at the plundering by Nero and Roman rulers, Boudica was victorious in battles at what are now St. Albans and Colchester. Finally in Lo...

Private Benjamin Protocol

Private Benjamin: A pampered, spoiled upper-middle class widow joins the army and the army will never be the same.


Military psychiatrist Bill Turner just met the woman of his dreams. She is sexy and smart, unfortunately, she is the General's daughter, his new patient, and she has become entangled in a shadowy and lethal conspiracy. T...