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9 Results
Basic instinct

Nick Curran is a tough but vulnerable detective. Catherine Tramell is a cold, calculating, and beautiful novelist with an insatiable sexual appetite. Catherine becomes a prime suspect when her boyfriend is brutally murde...

Murder, she wrote. The complete twelfth season. Disc 5

Sets the standard with its fascinating characters, well-crafted plots, and beloved heroine, mystery writer Jessica Fletcher. From the shadowy nooks of hometown Cabot Cove to crime scenes as far as Ireland and Australia, ...

Romancing the stone

Romancing the stone: Setting out to rescue her sister, held in Columbia by thugs looking for a priceless jewel, romance novelist Joan Wilder teams up with fortune hunter, Jack Colton, who has convinced her to beat the ba...

Roman de gare

Judith Ralitzer, novelist and femme fatale, is seeking characters for her next best-seller. Meanwhile, a serial killer has just escaped from a high security prison. Their paths are about to cross.


Angel Deverell fantasizes about living in the town mansion, Paradise House. After a London publisher turns her novel into a best seller, she is able to buy Paradise House and pursue the man of her dreams, a painter strug...

Don't read this on a plane
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After her publisher goes bankrupt, a young novelist hitchhikes across Europe in order to finish her book tour.

Without reservations

An author is looking for a man to play the leading role in the film version of her book when she meets returning World War II soldiers on a train, and she is determined to turn one of them into the needed actor.

The ex-Mrs. Bradford

Amateur sleuth Dr. Bradford teams up with his ex-wife to solve the race track murders.