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55 Results
Tumbling blocks —Fowler, Earlene.

Benni Harper is hired to investigate the death of a member of a women's club named the 49 Club. One member must die before a new member can join.

Spider web —Fowler, Earlene.

The Memory Festival is a celebration of recollections and loved ones through crafts. But when a local cop is wounded by a mysterious sharpshooter who seems to have a vendetta against the police, Benni fears for "her" lov...

Broken dishes —Fowler, Earlene.

While visiting a friend's Western dude ranch, Benni Harper stumbles upon the remains of a long-dead murder victim buried in a shallow grave and embarks on an investigation to reveal the truth behind the terrible crime.

Sunshine and shadow —Fowler, Earlene.

One of Benni's favorite mystery writers, Emma Baldwin, is coming to San Celina. Her purpose: to connect with the town she left years before. Benni's husband, Gabe, also has a friend in town: Luke, an old LAPD buddy, now ...

The illumination —Gregory, Jill.

Natalie Landau, a museum curator with an expertise in protective amulets and magical beliefs, has received a puzzling gift from her sister Dana--a necklace with a blue evil eye pendant on it. When Natalie learns Dana was...

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