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Fatal family ties —Perkins, S. C. (Stephanie C.), author.

"S.C. Perkins's Fatal Family Ties is the captivating third mystery in the Ancestry Detective series, in which Texas genealogist Lucy Lancaster deals with murders in both the past and present. Lucy is just about to tuck i...

Never let go —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.

When a forensic genealogist stumbles into the middle of a decades old abduction case, she will need the help of her ex-flame to discover the truth, stay alive, and save her heart in the process.

The butcher's daughter : a foundlings novel —Staub, Wendy Corsi.

"Investigative genealogist Amelia Crenshaw solves clients' genetic puzzles, while hers remains shrouded in mystery. Now she suspects that the key to her birth parents' identities lies in an unexpected connection to a str...

Dead silence —Staub, Wendy Corsi, author.

An investigative genealogist and a NYPD detective find their work intertwining in the case of a mute child.

Lineage most lethal —Perkins, S. C. (Stephanie C.), author.

It's the week before New Year's Eve and genealogist Lucy Lancaster is mixing work and play quite nicely at the boutique Sutton Hotel in Austin, Texas. After two months of research she's finalizing her presentation for ho...

Always time to die —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

Carly is hired to research the family history of a candidate running for Senator of New Mexico, and learns that the evil she uncovers threatens her own life.

Death in reel time : a family history mystery —Bonner, Brynn, 1950-

"In this second Family History mystery, a professional genealogist realizes the family history she's tracing may be repeating itself after her client's son-in-law turns up dead. When genealogist duo Sophreena McClure an...

Killing cousins —MacPherson, Rett.

Missouri genealogist Torie O'Shea, researching the life of a local jazz singer, discovers that the woman's infant son was kidnapped in 1938 and never found. Then a tiny skeleton is discovered in an abandoned building.

Always time to die —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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Carly is hired to research the family history of a candidate running for Senator of New Mexico, and learns that the evil she uncovers threatens her own life.

The monsters of Templeton : [a novel] —Groff, Lauren.

"In the wake of a wildly disastrous affair with her married archaeology professor, Willie Upton arrives on the doorstep of her ancestral home in Templeton, New York, where her hippie-turned-born-again-Baptist mom, Vi, st...

In sheep's clothing : a novel —MacPherson, Rett.

The 150 year-old diary of a Swedish woman living in Minnesota has Torie looking for clues to the author of the diary. When the diary ends abruptly with hints of brutal violence, Torie becomes enmeshed in a deadly mystery...

Always time to die —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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Carolina May--Carly to her friends--never knew her biological family. Ironic, considering she is a successful family historian. Recently hired by the eccentric aunt of New Mexico's multimillionaire Governor Quintrell, th...

Thicker than water : [a Tori O'Shea mystery] —MacPherson, Rett.

Genealogist Torie O'Shea is grief-stricken when she receives the news that her mentor and boss Sylvia has passed away at the age of 102. Sylvia leaves all her worldly possessions to Torie, including the Gaheimer House, t...

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