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235 Results
Anne of Manhattan : a novel —Starler, Brina, author.

L. M. Montgomery's classic tale, Anne of Green Gables, gets a romantic, charming, and hilarious modern adaptation, set in New York City. After an idyllic girlhood in Avonlea, Long Island, Anne has packed up her trunk, sa...

Mona Lisa smile

Set in 1953, Katherine Watson is a free-spirited graduate of UCLA who accepts a teaching post at Wellesley College, a women-only school where the students are torn between the repressive mores of the time and their longi...

The office of historical corrections : a novella and stories —Evans, Danielle, author.

"The award-winning author of Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self brings her signature voice and insight to the subjects of race, grief, apology, and American history. Danielle Evans is widely acclaimed for her bliste...

A suitable boy

Amid the cultural upheaval of 1950s India, Lata is torn between romance and responsibility, while her wayward brother-in-law Maan has a perilous affair with a glamorous courtesan.

Countdown —Johansen, Iris.
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Jane MacGuire, the adopted daughter of forensic sculptor Eve Duncan and her husband, is determined to find out who is after her after a kidnapping attempt. Fearing that her parents will become targets, Jane goes on the r...

Shiva baby
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While at a Jewish funeral service with her parents, a college student has an awkward encounter with her sugar daddy and her ex-girlfriend.

An uncommon education : a novel —Percer, Elizabeth.

Afraid of losing her parents at a young age--her father with his weak heart, her deeply depressed mother--Naomi Feinstein prepared single-mindedly for a prestigious future as a doctor. An outcast at school, Naomi loses h...

Black & blue —Patterson, James, 1947- author.

Harriet Blue, the most single-minded detective since Lindsay Boxer, won't rest until she stops a savage killer targeting female university students. But new clues point to a more chilling predator than she ever could hav...

My Oxford year —Whelan, Julia, 1984- author.
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"American Ella Durran has had the same plan for her life since she was thirteen: Study at Oxford. At 24, she's finally made it to England on a Rhodes Scholarship when she's offered an unbelievable position in a rising po...

The calling of Emily Evans —Oke, Janette, 1935-

A young woman questions her ability to carry out God's call to a country parish in the prairie settlements.


Featuring an acclaimed cast headed by Stanley Tucci, Kyra Sedgwick and Addison Timlin, Submission is about lust, desire, and what happens when a professor gets entangled with a seductive student. Ted Swenson (Tucci) is a...

Survive the night : a novel —Sager, Riley, author.

"It's November 1991. George H. W. Bush is in the White House, Nirvana's in the tape deck, and movie-obsessed college student Charlie Jordan is in a car with a man who might be a serial killer"-- Provided by publisher.

Never saw me coming —Kurian, Vera, author.

It would be easy to underestimate Chloe Sevre. She's a freshman honor student, a legging-wearing hot girl next door, who also happens to be a psychopath. She spends her time on yogalates, frat parties and plotting to kil...

Strong female protagonist. Book 1 —Mulligan, Brennan Lee, author.
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"With superstrength and invulnerability, Alison Green used to be one of the most powerful superheroes around. Fighting crime with other teenagers under the alter ego Mega Girl was fun until an encounter with Menace, her ...

The gilded years —Tanabe, Karin, author.
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Since childhood, Anita Hemmings has longed to attend the country's most exclusive school for women, Vassar College. Now, a bright, beautiful senior in the class of 1897, she is hiding a secret that would have banned her ...

Something to believe in : a Katie Parker production : act IV —Jones, Jenny B., 1975- author.

Katie Parker is now a freshman in college, ready to meet the changes that will bring. Saying goodbye to her family was hard enough, but now she unexpectedly is moved to the honors dorm and is being tormented by her nerdy...

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