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17 Results
Laugh out loud Canadian jokes

"This compilation includes the complete editions of: 101 Creepy Canadian Jokes (Partheniou Grasso), 101 Canadian Jokes (Hershkowitz), 101 Cool Canadian Jokes (O'Connor) and 101 Hockey Jokes (Woodburn). It also includes s...

Why did the chicken cross the road?

A collection of pictures drawn by different artists. Various award-winning artists present their own verison of the classic joke, from Marle Frazee's chicken who is searching for a luxury "coop," to Mo Willems's chicken ...

How to draw with your funny bone —Smith, Elwood, 1941-author, illustrator.

"In this drawing guide that is also part memoir, illustrator Elwood H. Smith tutors budding artists in visual expression, encouraging them to tap into their own style and humor"--

Never catch a cold —François, André, 1915-2005.

Black ink illustrations help introduce various kinds of colds--and a number of fantastical creatures that are now extinct--in this humorous narrative about the history of our most common illness.

The best of Rube Goldberg —Goldberg, Rube, 1883-1970.

A collection of more than 90 humorous inventions which have appeared in the author's cartoons during his career.

Figures of speech —Peake, Mervyn, 1911-1968.

Uses cartoon-like drawings to represent such sayings as "Burning their bridges," "Sitting pretty," "To cut a long story short," and "I could just kick myself."

三毛流浪记全集 Sanmao liu lang ji quan ji —张乐平. —Zhang, Leping.

A comic book of adventure of Sanmao the orphin, presenting many adventurious stories, such as he was saved by an old fisherman, how awkward he was when he was in Shanghai, and more.