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29 Results
Dragon castle —Bruchac, Joseph, 1942-

Young prince Rashko, aided by wise old Georgi, must channel the power of his ancestor, Pavol the great, and harness a magical dragon to face the evil Baron Temny after the foolish King and Queen go missing.

Little Wise Wolf —Hammen, Gijs van der, author.

"Little Wise Wolf is very wise. He loves reading books and soaking up all the knowledge embodied within them. One day, Little Wise Wolf is called on to use his impressive wisdom to help the ailing king. But on his way to...

The king and the magician —Bucay, Jorge, 1949- author.

"A mighty ruler discovers someone in his kingdom has more power than himself. But when the king sets out to destroy this fearsome enemy, a humble magician, the tables are turned, and an unexpected journey begins"--Provid...

40 things I want to tell you —Kuipers, Alice, 1979-

Amy (a.k.a. Bird) seems to have the perfect life, but after a new guy shows up at school - the consummate bad boy - Bird can't seem to follow her own wisdom.

Athena, goddess of wisdom —Newton, A. I., author.

When the Little Olympians engage in a series of competitions to develop their strengths, Athena uses strategy and cunning to help her stay in the games.

A bear tale. —Ingpen, Robert, 1936-

Join Ted on a journey exploring wisdom, the slumps of bears and the "wiseness" of owls.

The greatest power —Demi.

Long ago, a Chinese emperor challenges the children of his kingdom to show him the greatest power in the world, and all are surprised at what is discovered.

Wise up, silly owl! —Metzger, Steve.

Young Spotty Owl just wants to have fun and be silly, but when his father, Wise Old Owl is called away for a couple of days, Spotty Owl must take his place and help the animals of the forest.

The secret room —Shulevitz, Uri, 1935-

The king's clever treasurer tries to clear his name when the chief minister accuses the treasurer of stealing.

Margarito —Gil, Carmen, author.

"Una entrañable historia sobre el valor de la experiencia y la sabiduría que puede aportarnos el paso del tiempo."--Casadellibro.

Amik aime l'école : une histoire sur la sagesse —Vermette, Katherena, 1977-

Amik raconte à Moshoom pourquoi il aime tant sa merveilleuse école. Puis c'est au tour de son grandpère de lui décrire le pensionnat autochtone qu'il a fréquenté, si différent de l'école d'Amik. C'est alors qu'Am...

Meghan Rose knows it all —Scott, Lori Z., 1965-

First-grader Meghan Rose, caught up in a contest with Sophie to prove who is smarter, does not see that her friend Lynette is upset, but before long she has learned the difference between "smart" and "wise." Includes dis...

The wise woman and her secret —Merriam, Eve, 1916-1992.

Although many try to force from the wise woman the secret of her wisdom, the truth is made clear only to a young girl who shows the capacity for wandering and wondering.

The ugly princess and the wise fool —Gray, Margaret, 1969-

When plain-looking Princess Rose longs for the beauty to snare handsome Prince Parsley, and the wise fool Jasper longs to restore wisdom to the kingdom, they end up working together and find they must face the magical Go...

Clever Katarina : a tale in six parts —Setterington, Ken.

The king hears about a clever girl named Katarina and insists that he meet her. He is impressed by what he sees and so he offers her a riddle to solve. He then stipulates that her reward for solving the riddle is that sh...

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