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8 Results
Never rub noses with a Narwhal : an alliterative Arctic ABC book —Wellborn, Ruth, author.

Blubbery belugas, capering caribou, lingering ladybugs, rummaging ravens, and waiting walruses, all make an appearance in this beautifully illustrated children's book about the Arctic. The map, a glossary of key words, a...

Breathe —Magoon, Scott, author, illustrator.

A young whale enjoys its first day of independence.

Orphaned beluga —Hughes, Susan, 1960-

Maxine Kearney loves animals. Volunteering at Wild Paws ad Claws Clinic and Rehabilitation Centre with her best friend Sarah, and helping rescue wild animals in need, is like a dream come true. When Max's grandmother inv...

Amber's first clue —Shields, Gillian.

Amber leads her fellow mermaids in trying to help beluga whales that are trapped in ice, while working on solving a riddle from evil Mantora, whose theft of the Snow Diamonds may cause the Ice Kingdom to melt.

Breathe —Magoon, Scott.

A young whale enjoys its first day of independence.

Beluga passage —Lingemann, Linda, 1951-

Beluga, her mother, and their pod of white whales face many dangers while migrating from the freezing Arctic Ocean to the warmer waters of the Bering Sea.