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85 Results
Rainbow fish and the big blue whale —Pfister, Marcus.

When a big blue whale comes to live near their reef, there is a misunderstanding between him and Rainbow Fish and his friends that leaves everyone very unhappy and hungry.

The little butterfly that could —Burach, Ross, author, illustrator.

An extremely confused and frightened butterfly turns to a whale for guidance on how to reach the flowers--and encouragement as the whale advises him to never give up on his migration.

No worries for Whale —Dahl, Michael, author.

Little Whale worries about everything, but Mother Whale is always there to make him feel better.

The whale rider —Ihimaera, Witi, 1944-

As her beloved grandfather, chief of the Maori tribe of Whangara, New Zealand, struggles to lead in difficult times and to find a male successor, young Kahu is developing a mysterious relationship with whales, particular...

Clifford saves the whales —Page, Josephine.

When Emily Elizabeth and her classmates go on a field trip, she calls on her dog Clifford to try to save some trapped whales.

Welcome home, whales —Booth, Christina, author, illustrator.

"The story of a boy who befriends a whale and offers her empathy and understanding. This poignant and optimistic story reveals timely themes of empathy and conservation that will resonate with children concerned about wi...

Show us where you live, humpback —Young, Beryl, 1934- author.

"Swimming, singing and blowing bubbles--baby whale calves and young human children share so many of the same activities! This lyrical picture book compares the relationship of a young child and mother with that of a whal...

Whale in a fishbowl —Howell, Troy, author.

Wednesday, a whale living in captivity, is inspired by a little girl named Piper to try to reach the sea.

Following Papa's song —Marino, Gianna, author, illustrator.

"Little Blue, a young humpback whale, has never made the long migration up the coast, and he is worried about his first long journey with Papa"--Provided by publisher.

Moby-Dick : or, The whale —Melville, Herman, 1819-1891, author.

Looking for adventure and a new life, Ishmael, the story's narrator, decides to find work on a whaling boat. On arriving at the Massachusetts harbour to begin his search, the only bed available is already half occupied b...

The whale in my swimming pool —Wan, Joyce, author, illustrator.

A young boy discovers a whale in his pool and tries everything he can think of to get it out.

Third grade mermaid and the narwhals —Raymundo, Peter, author, illustrator.

When Cora reads a short story she wrote about a narwhal in her English class, Vivian Shimmermore mocks her and says that everyone knows that narwhals are fake. Suddenly Cora and her friends are embarking on an exciting q...

A possibility of whales —Rivers, Karen, 1970- author.

Twelve-year-old Natalia Rose Baleine Gallagher dreams of seeing whales on the beach near her new home, and is consumed with the prospect that her mother who abandoned her as a child loves and misses her, and wants Nat to...

Whale —Allen, Judy.

One night a young girl and her parents witness the seemingly magical rescue of a mother whale and her baby that are exhausted from trying to outswim a spreading oil slick. Includes a whale fact sheet.

Whale rider

The Whangara people believe their ancestor Paikea was saved from drowning by riding home on the back of a whale. The tribal group has since granted leadership positions to the first-born males, believing them to be desce...

To the sea —Atkinson, Cale.

Tim, a boy, and Sam, a blue whale lost in the city, both feel unnoticed until they meet, and they become best friends as Tim tries to help Sam get back home.

The whale —Rylant, Cynthia.

A family of animals that lives in a lighthouse helps a lost baby beluga whale find his mother.

A whale in the bathtub —Westaway, Kylie.

Bruno, who is known for his imaginative tales, is unable to convince his family that he is really trying to take his bath, but the whale in the tub refuses to leave.

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