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140 Results
Moth Flight's vision —Hunter, Erin, author.
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Despite the peace of the forest, strange visions drive a young WindClan cat named Moth Flight to leave her home on a journey that will change the future of the new warrior Clans forever.

Moth Flight's vision —Hunter, Erin.
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"Strange visions drive a young WindClan cat named Moth Flight to leave her home on a journey that will change the future of the new warrior Clans forever"--Provided by publisher.

Beyond reach : a novel —Carlson, Melody.
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Samantha has a gift from God that makes her see visions of crimes and impending disasters, and she struggles to use this special ability to help people and to glorify God.

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After he starts having horrific visions of Cindy, a girl who vanished in high school, Fredrick embarks on a terrifying journey to learn the truth behind her disappearance.

It follows
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For nineteen-year-old Jay, the fall should be about school, boys and weekends at the lake. Yet, after a seemingly innocent sexual encounter she suddenly finds herself plagued by nightmarish visions; she can't shake the s...

Wyoming bold —Palmer, Diana, author.
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Former border agent Dalton Kirk thought his life was over--literally--when a gang of smugglers left him for dead. Defying all odds, he survives his ordeal and returns to his Wyoming ranch ready to dedicate his future to ...

Gasp —McMann, Lisa, author.
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After narrowly surviving two harrowing tragedies, Jules now fully understands the importance of the visions that she and people around her are experiencing. She's convinced that if the visions passed from her to Sawyer a...

The dead play on —Graham, Heather, author.
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Musicians are being murdered in New Orleans. But Arnie Watson apparently died by his own hand. When Tyler Anderson plays the saxophone he inherited from Arnie, a soldier and musician who died soon after his return, he be...

Darkest night —Hunter, Erin, author.
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SkyClan has returned to its rightful place among the other four warrior Clans, hoping to find a new territory to call home. But not every cat is convinced that this is where SkyClan belongs and the fate of all five warri...

Lost echoes : a novel —Lansdale, Joe R., 1951-
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Since a childhood illness, college student Harry Wilkes has experienced horrific visions -- gruesome scenes that emerge to replay themselves before his eyes.

Playing with fire : a novel —Carlson, Melody.
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Just before her older brother is due to return from a drug rehabilitation clinic, Sam has a dream about an explosion in a place she believes may be associated with illegal drugs, but she is unsure if this is a vision fro...

Sufferance : a novel —King, Thomas, 1943- author.
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"Jeremiah Camp, aka The Forecaster, can look into the heart of humanity and see the patterns that create opportunities and profits for the rich and powerful. Problem is, Camp has looked one too many times, has seen what ...

Legion. The complete season 1
5 available of 6 items

David Haller is a troubled young man diagnosed as schizophrenic, but after a strange encounter, he discovers special powers that will change his life forever.

The broken road —Evans, Richard Paul, author.
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Chicago celebrity Charles James can't shake the nightmare that wakes him each night. He sees himself walking down a long, broken highway the sides of which are lit in flames. Where is he going? Why is he walking? What is...

Payback : a novel —Carlson, Melody.
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Samantha works to prevent a senseless tragedy after she has a vision of violence at a prom.

Halloween. 2
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Picking up precisely where its predecessor left off, Halloween II follows the same ill-fated characters as they encounter the knife-wielding maniac they left for dead in the first Halloween. It seems the inhuman Michael ...

The ghost tree —Henry, Christina, 1974- author.
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"In the first horror novel from national bestselling author Christina Henry, a monster stalks the residents of a sleepy town and a teenager who is increasingly plagued by terrifying visions. When the bodies of two girls ...

Night of the wolves —Graham, Heather.
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"Guided by visions as she hunts for her father's murderer, Alexandra Gordon returns to Victory, Texas--and lands straight in the arms of fearsome lawman Cody Fox. A dedicated soldier in the war against evil, Cody wears h...

The haunting of Sharon Tate
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Based on one of Hollywood's most chilling murder cases, this spellbinding thriller follows 26-year old actress Sharon Tate, a rising star about to have her first baby with her husband, director Roman Polanski. Plagued by...

Time's legacy —Erskine, Barbara.
4 available of 6 items

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