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28 Results
VeggieTales. Fruit of the spirit stories. Patience, kindness, goodness

Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and the entire Veggie cast are back together putting on shows for Mr. Nezzer's theater. Bob impatiently puts producing the shows onto the fast track, resulting in chaos and hurt feeling...

Veggie Tales. Beauty and the beet

Mirabelle and her traveling family band are determined to make their next gig at Vegetable Square Garden. On their journey, a winter storm hits, and they get stuck at a run-down resort. Mr. Beet, the grumpy manager makes...

VeggieTales. The wonderful wizard of Ha's the story of a prodigal son.

Meet Darby who more than anything else in the world just wants to have fun. He learns about the Wonderful Land of Ha's, an amusement park with all the fixins. The park also has a mysterious wizard who promises to make dr...

VeggieTales. Fruit of the spirit stories. Faithfulness, gentleness, self-control

Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and the entire VeggieTales cast have put together all-new shows to help revive Mr. Nezzer's dilapidated theater. There always seems to be some sort of calamity before the curtain goes u...

Veggie tales. MacLarry & the stinky cheese battle

When the cheese caper goes afoul, Chog and the people realize they aren't able to solve the situation on their own - they need MacLarry's special skills to save the day! Will Chog and the tribe find MacLarry in time to c...

VeggieTales. Growing patient kids

Abe & the amazing promise : While on the set filming, Bob the Tomato decides to respond to a fan's letter about 'waiting.' Sumo of the Opera : Larry finds out whenever you finish what you start, you come out a winner!

Veggie tales. All the silly songs, 60 favorites

Join Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and the rest of the VeggieTales crew for all the great music, and all the silly lyrics! Enjoy hours of fun with this collection of favorite VeggieTales silly songs.

VeggieTales. A very veggie Easter collection. Volume 1

Back of container: "What's better than a chocolate bunny at Easter? Veggies?!? Yes, veggies!! Bob, Larry and all your favorite VeggieTales characters present Easter like you've never seen it before.

VeggieTales. Moe and the big exit

A cowboy finds out he's living better than his family, and stands up to the mayor of the town. A western version of the story of Moses.

The VeggieTales Christmas classics collection

Plug in the tree, light the fire, and get ready for a Very Merry Veggie Christmas! Join Bob, Larry, and the entire Veggie Tales gang as they tell stories of hope, love, and forgiveness while reminding children of all age...

VeggieTales. All the shows. Volume two 2000-2005 all the silliness, all the lessons, all the love.

Includes ten classic episodes of the VeggieTales television show including seven favorite silly songs.

Veggietales. God made you special

A collection of stories that help kids learn they are special just the way God made them. A shepherd boy realizes that little guys can do big things too. A trip to outer space helps the Veggies learn to appreciate the di...

VeggieTales. A very veggie Easter collection. Volume 2

Back of container: "What's better than a chocolate bunny at Easter? Veggies?!? Yes, veggies!! Bob, Larry and all your favorite VeggieTales characters present Easter like you've never seen it before.

VeggieTales. Are you my neighbour?

A lesson in loving your neighbour using two hilarious computer-animated stories that teach kids a biblical perspective. The characters are vegetables.

VeggieTales. The wonderful world of auto-tainment

What is auto-tainment? Larry the cucumber is pretty sure it involves an automated set from the future, singing robotic children and some of the favorite veggie performing bizarre rendetions of songs.

VeggieTales. Lessons from the sock drawer a collection of Veggie shorts and briefs

When Edmund Storch writes to Bob and Larry with a big problem, Larry must dig deep into the 'Veggie Vault' to find a solution. But what is the 'Veggie Vault' and why does Larry hide it in his sock drawer? And how did a s...

Growing up with Hello Kitty. 1, Hello Kitty eats her vegetables (and other stories)

This release from the animated series Growing Up with Hello Kitty offers six stories from the show created for pre-schoolers and toddlers, following the titular kitty and her friends through fun lessons that are importan...

VeggieTales. The little drummer boy

Junior Asparagus stars as The Little Drummer Boy, a lonely child who finds the true meaning of Christmas when he stumbles upon the birth of the baby Jesus. A story of generosity, hope, and love, this timeless tale will w...

VeggieTales. The end of silliness? more really silly songs!

In a fit of moral outrage, Archibald Asparagus has canceled "Silly songs with Larry." Larry the Cucumber drowns his sorrows at Jimmy Gourd's ice cream parlor. Can Jimmy cheer up Larry? Will Archibald ever forgive Larry a...

VeggieTales. Madame Blueberry ; Esther-- the girl who became queen lessons in thankfulness and courage

Madame Blueberry: Madame Blueberry is so blue because she wants more stuff. Sure, she has everything she needs-- good friends, plenty of food, a nice tree house to live in-- but some of her friends have a whole lot more....

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