7 Results
7 Results
VeggieTales. Minnesota Cuke and the search for Noah's umbrella

Minnesota is on the hunt for the famous Noah's Ark and along the way finds out about a powerful umbrella ... and the villain who wants it for himself.

VeggieTales. Where's God when I'm s-scared?

Two fully animated stories that teach children a Biblical perspective on handling everyday fears.

VeggieTales. Jonah, a VeggieTales movie

A retelling of the story of Jonah and the whale.

VeggieTales. Larry-Boy and the rumor weed

Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot learn just how easily rumors get started when they accidentally launch a whopper about Larry-Boy's butler, Alfred! Before they know it, their little story is spreading all over Bumblybur...

VeggieTales. The ballad of Little Joe

The story of Joseph told in a Wild West version with Larry the cucumber as the title character. Follow Little Joe's journey as his faith is tested every step of the way.

VeggieTales. King George and the ducky

King George, like other kings, had a really neat castle and a lovely little kingdom. But unlike other kings, he spent most of his time...in the bathtub! Why? Because that's where he'd play with his favorite toy: his rubb...

VeggieTales. Larry-Boy & the fib from outer space!

A lesson in telling the truth using a hilarious computer-animated story that teaches kids a biblical perspective. The characters are vegetables.