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5 Results
The house of mirth

The story takes place at the opening of a new century, one that held forth all kinds of promises, especially for women. In this post-Victorian Fifth Avenue milieu, Lily Bart, an unmarried woman of 29 with dwindling pros...

Bottle rocket

After his stay in a mental hospital, Anthony reconnects with best pal Dignan, who greets his friend with a plan for them to become professional thieves working for a criminal mastermind named Mr. Henry. Step one: recrui...

Deadly drifter ; Blood tide

Deadly drifter -- a covertly satirical film that archives the life of a nomadic philosopher who contemplates American culture and strives to discover himself. In his travels, the main character Rex, stumbles upon everyth...

Great expectations

A modern day version of the Dickens classic finds an aspiring artist (Hawke) reunited with his love (Paltrow). When she agrees to model for him, his dearest hopes may be realized, along with his darkest fears.

Two moon junction

Sparks ignite into flames of passion when an engaged socialite meets a sensual carnival worker.