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61 Results
Otis and the tornado —Long, Loren.

When a tornado threatens his farm, Otis the tractor must try to save the animals, including an unfriendly bull.


Formerly married but still involved scientists pursue violent tornadoes in an effort to launch sensors which might help them predict future storms.

Let the sky fall —Messenger, Shannon.

Ten years after surviving the tornado that killed his parents, Vane Weston, now seventeen, has no memory of that fateful day but dreams of a beautiful girl who, he now learns, is not only real, she is his guardian sylph,...

Good Hope Road —Wingate, Lisa.

In a time of crisis, two women come together and set off down a road of hope. Twenty-one-year-old Jenilee Lane is the last person to expect anything good to come out of the tornado that rips across the Missouri farmland ...

Torn away —Brown, Jennifer, 1972-

In the aftermath of a tornado that has devastated her hometown of Elizabeth, Missouri, sixteen-year-old Jersey Cameron struggles to overcome her grief as she is sent to live with her only surviving relatives.

An Angel by Her Side —Reid, Ruth, 1963-
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Katie has lived through tragedy and heartache. But with the angel Elias by her side, the best years of her life are just ahead.


A troupe of murderous circus clowns is trapped in a tornado by a witches' spell and travel the Midwest, destroying everything and everyone in their path while seeking revenge on the woman who imprisoned them.

Barn storm —Ghigna, Charles.

When a tornado touches down in a pond on Farmer Brown's property, it sets off a chain of events among the barnyard animals that soon has every creature displaced, but not unhappy.

We speak in storms —Lund, Natalie, author.

It's been more than 50 years since a tornado tore through a drive-in movie theater in tiny Mercer, Illinois, leaving dozens of teens-- a whole generation of Mercerites-- dead in its wake. So when another tornado touches ...

Desperate Creed —Kava, Alex, author.

"In Alabama: A deadly outbreak of tornadoes sends K9 handlers, Ryder Creed and Jason Seaver with their scent dogs, Grace and Scout, to search for survivors. As storms intensify and Ryder and Jason race against time to sa...

Found —Kingsbury, Karen.
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John Baxter hires a private investigator in an effort to fulfill his wife's dying wish--to find their firstborn son and make him part of the Baxter family--meanwhile Hollywood actor Dayne Matthews makes a personal search...

An Angel by Her Side —Reid, Ruth, 1963-

When Katie's fiancé died in a tragic accident, so did her hope of finding love. When a tornado destroys her small Amish settlement, including the schoolhouse, she doesn't know how she will provide for herself. Seth arri...

Torn apart —Sala, Sharon.

The twister that touches down in Bordelaise, Louisiana, not only destroys the calm of a summer Sunday, it pierces the soul of Katie Earle, whose young son Bobby goes missing...and it wasn't the storm that took him. Katie...

The storm —Harshman, Marc.

Though confined to a wheelchair, Jonathan faces the terror of a tornado all by himself and saves the lives of the horses on the family farm.

Tornado —Jennings, Sharon, 1954- author.

"In this high-interest accessible novel for teen readers, 16-year-old Cam must find his way home to save his little brother when a tornado hits"-- Provided by publisher.

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