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Sacred milestones of a spiritual life
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A documentary film that draws on the work of filmmakers around the world to explore religious experiences and rituals as they relate to the life cycle: birth, adolescence, marriage, old age, death and other key passages ...

The Deliberate Church : Building Your Ministry on the Gospel —Dever, Mark, author.

Dever and Alexander propose a model of complete reliance and submission to the gospel when building a healthy church. Great resource for pastors, elders, and others interested in the vitality of their church.

Practical theology for women how knowing God makes a difference in our daily lives —Alsup, Wendy Horger, 1970-

Have you ever wanted to understand the deep things of the Word but been put off by the intimidating vocabulary of theologians? Have you assumed that studying the attributes of God is for seminary students only? Or maybe ...

Ministry unplugged uncommon calls to serve —Willhauck, Susan, 1955-

Ministry can take place in the most unusual places and in the most unusual ways- and it should. Ministry Unplugged: Uncommon Calls to Serve explores out-of-the-ordinary expressions of the call to ministry, telling storie...

Hearers and Doers : A Pastor's Guide to Growing Disciples Through Scripture and Doctrine —Vanhoozer, Kevin J., author.

The foundation of discipleship is sound, scriptural doctrine. The value of sound doctrine is often misunderstood by the modern church. While it can be dry and dull, when it flows from the story of Scripture, it can be fu...