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Texas rising

Bringing to life the true story of how the people of Texas fought for freedom against the mighty Mexican military that had overtaken the Alamo. The legendary Texas Rangers assembled for the first time against General San...

Hard trail to follow —Kelton, Elmer.

When former Texas Ranger Andy Pickard's friend, Sheriff Tom Blessing , is killed during the escape of a trio of bank robbers, he is reinstated and picks up their trail to bring the killer to justice.

The buckskin line —Kelton, Elmer, author.
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An intense, red-haired young man named Rusty Shannon rides into Fort Belknap on the Brazos River and joins the Texas Rangers. Years before, Mike Shannon rescued Rusty from a Comanche war party and became his adoptive fat...

The pumpkin rollers and The buckskin line —Kelton, Elmer.

The Pumpkin rollers: A farmboy becomes a cowboy in 1870s Texas. He is Trey McLean who leaves his father's homestead to head west with a few dollars in his pocket, which he promptly loses in a card game. But he finds work...