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Slumdog millionaire —Swarup, Vikas.
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The story of Ram Thomas, an uneducated orphan from the slums of Mumbai, India. The story opens with authorities, unconvinced that a slumdog could answer all twelve questions correctly on India's biggest game show, Who Wi...

A question of attraction —Nicholls, David, 1966-

Entering the university on a scholarship, a young middle-class Englishman harbors an ambition to appear on a television quiz show, an endeavor that, once attained, is challenged by his feelings for a posh teammate.

The quiz master —Scott, Michael, 1959-

"Spider is an easy-going pub-quiz expert. Life has been tough for him, but it's about to get much worse. When his girlfriend, Gillian, announces that she's pregnant, he knows that he wants to marry her. But her over-p...

Filthy rich : a novel —Samuels, Dorothy.

Marcy Mallowitz has just been dumped - big time! Marcy's orthodontist boyfriend, Neil, blew a gasket during an appearance on So You Want to be Filthy Rich!, the stratosperic television phenomenon and top-rated quiz show ...

Triệu phú khu {̂u1ECF} chuột —Swarup, Vikas.

When Ram Mohammad Thomas, an orphaned, uneducated waiter from Mumbai, wins a billion rupees on a quiz show, he finds himself thrown in jail. (Unable to pay out the prize, the program's producers bribed local authorities ...

Q & A —Swarup, Vikas, author.
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Swarup's debut novel traces the fortunes of Ram Mohammad Thomas from "Asia's biggest slum" to his sudden acquisition of enormous wealth as the biggest winner on the popular quiz show, Who Will Win a Billion? A poor, uned...

Q & A —Swarup, Vikas.
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In India, Ram Mohammad Thomas from Mumbai has been arrested for winning the biggest prize on WHO WILL WIN A BILLION? Because an orphan with no schooling cannot name the smallest planet in the solar system or the plays of...