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Fancy Nancy and the too-loose tooth —O'Connor, Jane, author.

Nancy is about to lose her first tooth, but if she can prevent it from falling out until she arrives at school she will get a special necklace from the nurse.

Silverlicious —Kann, Victoria.

When Pinkalicious loses her sweet tooth she turns to the Tooth Fairy for help.

I lost my tooth! —Willems, Mo, author, illustrator.

Friends search for Zoom Squirrel's missing baby tooth. Includes "acorn-y jokes" and "cool facts."

The tooth book —Seuss, Dr., author.

Rhyming text and illustrations briefly point out what animals have teeth, their uses, and how to care for them.

The missing tooth —Cole, Joanna.

Best friends Arlo and Robby are almost identical in what they wear, what they like, and even where they have teeth missing, but when Robby insists on betting on who is going to lose the next tooth their friendship is end...

The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy —Brockenbrough, Martha.

Polishing her collection of fangs in a museum, the last Dinosaur Tooth Fairy is very lonely and longs for a new tooth, so when she spots a loose one she will do almost anything to get it--even face modern-day monsters.

Toothless wonder —Park, Barbara, author.

Junie B. Jones learns some interesting things about the Tooth Fairy when she becomes the first student in Room One to lose an upper tooth.

Amanda Pig and the wiggly tooth —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Amanda Pig has her first ever wiggly tooth and she can not wait for the Tooth Fairy to come. But her loose tooth will not fall out. Father offers to pull it out for her, but Amanda thinks that might hurt too much. Instea...

The tooth fairy wars —Coombs, Kate.

A determined young boy and a no-nonsense Tooth Fairy tussle over who gets to keep his baby teeth.

Andrew's loose tooth —Munsch, Robert N., 1945-
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When Andrew bites into his breakfast, he yells "Yeee-ow! Mommy! Daddy! Do something about this tooth! It hurts so much I can't even eat my apple!" His mother tries to pull it out. His father tries to pull it out. ...

Un diente está flojo —Trumbauer, Lisa, 1963-

Illustrations and rhyming text describe how loose teeth come out. Includes learning activities, parent tips, and word list.

Llama Llama Loses A Tooth —Dewdney, Anna, author.

Llama tells the story of when he lost his first tooth.

Book-o-teeth : a wearable book —Lemke, Donald B., author.

Become a vampire, shark, or perhaps a zombie with six wearable teeth masks in this interactive board book with die cut holes and rhyming text.

Dragon tooth —Falwell, Cathryn.

When her father offers to pull her loose tooth, Sara has to adjust to the idea in her own way.

My special one and only —Berger, Joe, 1970-

When Bridget Fidget takes her favorite toy, Captain Cat, with her to a store to spend the golden coin the tooth fairy brought, she loses him.

Fancy Nancy and the Too-Loose Tooth. —O'Connor, Jane, author.

Nancy absolutely must have her first tooth fall out at school. That way she will be sure to receive the special tooth-holder necklace from the school nurse. But when Nancy's tooth starts wiggling at home, she is worried ...

Grandpa's smile —Walden, Joseph, 1969-

When Jack takes his grandfather's false teeth and tries them on, a procession of unlikely creatures follow suit before poor Grandpa gets his smile back.

Anna, Banana, and the big-mouth bet —Rissi, Anica Mrose.

After telling her dog Banana about her loose tooth and discovering that some of her friends do not believe in the Tooth Fairy, Anna makes an impulsive bet with a pesky boy who also has a loose tooth.

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