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225 Results
Daniel X : watch the skies —Patterson, James, 1947-

When the small community of Holliswood is thrown into chaos by the arrival of a terrifying outlaw who deliberately instigates problems for the purpose of filming his crimes for television, modern superhero Daniel X assem...

Theodore Boone kid lawyer —Grisham, John.
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In the small city of Strattenburg there are many lawyers, and thirteen-year-old Theo Boone thinks he is one of them, but his inside knowledge of the justice system means trouble when a cold-blooded killer is about to go ...

Superman : dawnbreaker —de la Peña, Matt, author.

"When the dawn breaks, a hero rises. Clark Kent has always been faster, stronger--better--than everyone around him. But it's not like he's earned his powers . . . yet. Lately it's difficult to hold back and keep his hero...

Chasing the bear —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

Spenser reflects back to when he was fourteen-years-old and how he helped his best friend Jeannie when she was abducted by her abusive father.

The abduction —Grisham, John.

When his best friend disappears from her bedroom in the middle of the night, thirteen-year-old Theo uses his legal knowledge and investigative skills to chase down the truth and save April.

Eight days on planet Earth —Jordan, Cat, author.

On the hot summer day Matty Jones's dad leaves for good, a strange girl suddenly appears in the empty field next to the farm-- the very field in rural Pennsylvania where a spaceship supposedly landed fifty years ago. She...

You don't even know me : stories and poems about boys —Flake, Sharon G.

Presents a collection of short stories and poems about African American teenage boys and the issues they must deal with, including HIV, teen pregnancy, and homelessness.

The activist —Grisham, John.

"Aspiring lawyer Theodore Boone takes the stand to protect his political and environmental freedoms in the fourth installment of the series"--Provided by publisher.

The red house ; and, The ghost road —Abbott, Tony, 1952-

Red house: Derek didn't ask for this. It's bad enough that his brother's body is hosting a dead soul. Then there's that whole business of the evil dead waging war. And don't even get him started on all the weird voices r...

Then again, maybe I won't —Blume, Judy.
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Unable to accept or explain his family's newly acquired wealth, his growing interest in sex, and a friend's shoplifting habit, a thirteen-year-old finds the pains in his stomach getting worse and worse.

Dragons in the waters —L'Engle, Madeleine, author.

A thirteen-year-old boy's trip to Venezuela with his cousin culminates in murder and the discovery of an unexpected bond with an Indian tribe, dating from the days of Simón Bolívar.

Summer's end —Sutherland, Joel A., 1980- author.

"As his final year of high school crawls to an end, Jacob receives a postcard with a picture of Tokyo's skyline on the front. On its flipside are two simple words: "I'm sorry." Although it's unsigned, Jacob immediately k...

June —Lord, Gabrielle.

After escaping from the burning wreck of the Orca with only seconds to spare, fifteen-year-old Callum Ormond, a fugitive since the death of his father, must dodge both police and criminals as he continues his pursuit of ...

Rez runaway —Florence, Melanie.

"Raised on a reserve in northern Ontario, seventeen-year-old Joe Littlechief tries to be like the other guys. But Joe knows he's different -- he's more interested in guys than in any of the girls he knows. One night Joe ...

Double check —Rose, Malcolm.

In two cases, Luke and his robotic sidekick Malc investigate the conviction of a death row inmate and also look into corruption in the Pairing Committee, a committee responsible for pairing people up when they come of ag...

Bad news —Bosch, Pseudonymous, author.

Clay and the Secret Series Allies confront the white-gloved members of the mysterious Midnight Sun cabal.

May —Lord, Gabrielle.

"Cal's identity has been stripped from him and he's been locked up in an asylum where danger lurks on both sides of the bars. He has no idea who has put him there, but the doctors are convinced he is delusional and have ...

Double or die —Higson, Charlie, 1958-

Young James Bond must take a series of dangerous gambles to decipher a code that will save a kidnapped professor.

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